Local Search Changes in 2018 and a Look Forward

A recent survey conducted by Darren Shaw and published in Moz looked at local search ranking factors. The survey published on November 20, 2018, shows interesting changes in local search occurring throughout the year. Here are highlights from that survey.

Update Google My Business

Google My Business has been key for local business for a while. The program became even more crucial in 2018. Post at least once per week on Google My Business. Upload videos and photos regularly. Make sure to log into your account to ensure that your profile is 100 percent complete as Google is changing company profile sections frequently.

Gather Reviews

Make sure that you are asking every customer to leave a review. Suggest that customers mention the exact product or service that they used to increase the number of keywords without seeming spammy. Concentrate on Google reviews first, but diversify as you have time. Getting regular reviews is crucial.

Get Authentic Links

Getting authentic links to your content is still a great way to build your footprint on the internet. For local businesses, finding a way to connect with local organizations is critical. You may want to regularly feed local angles to national news events affecting your industry to the media. Stay abreast of events in your community allowing you to sponsor them or at least comment non-politically on them on social media. Try to network with people in your community who are blogging regularly.

What About 2019?

As you place a new calendar on the wall, there will be even more changes coming in 2019. Google will attempt to keep more traffic on their search engine result page. While your website traffic may drop, more people may be coming to your physical location without browsing your website first. Look for Google to introduce even more ways to interact with your business straight from their page such as booking straight from local packs.

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