Lori Senecal: Important Advertising Trends to Boost Business Success

Becoming a business owner is a goal that millions of entrepreneur-minded individuals have in mind every year. In fact, recent statistics indicate that over 500,000 new businesses get started on a monthly basis throughout America. However, the number of new businesses that actually succeed is far smaller. It has been estimated that approximately half of these businesses will last five years. Additionally, no more than a quarter of them will still be around fifteen years after opening.

What determines whether a business will succeed or fail? This is a very complex question with multiple answers. There is no one thing that guarantees that a business is successful, but there are a number of factors known to be important to the firm establishment of a strong business, here Lori Senecal discusses. Advertising is one of those important factors that can solidify trust and set a business apart from competitors. The information gathered below was designed to take a deeper look at some of the current trends in the world of advertising.

Living in a Social Media Centered World

Whether we like it or not, we live in an age of social media and the internet. Nearly all adults in our country have smart devices that they use to access the internet. Additionally, almost all adults use at least one social media platform on a daily basis. Therefore, failing to have a strong online presence that includes a powerful and inviting social media page is a major downfall for businesses today. The following are some important things to consider when formulating an online presence and building a following on social media platforms.

* Create Mobile Advertisements

Most of today’s online advertisements should be created with smartphones in mind. Recent statistics show that at least 90% of Facebook users access their accounts strictly by smartphone. Therefore, any advertisements that are created with Facebook in mind need to be optimized to display properly on a mobile device.

* Measure Your Key Performance Indicators

What are your specific goals for advertising on Facebook? Are you trying to get more likes for your business page? Are you trying to increase client interaction with your posts? Are you trying to gain extra exposure in the newsfeed of existing and potential clients? Without a firm understanding of your specific goals and a proper way to measure the outcome, you will not be likely to experience much success from your Facebook ads.

* Create Engaging Content

Simply having advertisements floating around various social media platforms is not enough. You need to create a powerful business page that is full of valuable and engaging content that keeps your audience coming back for more. Videos, product reviews, instructional demonstrations, and application techniques can all be useful information that gets your followers to interact with your page. You want clients and potential clients to be liking, sharing, and commenting on your posts. This gets you maximum exposure and boosts your ranking within Facebook itself.

Five Advertising Trends to Ignite the Growth of Your Business

Outside of Facebook and other social media platforms, other advertising avenues abound. What types of things do you need to keep in mind to make a success of advertising in these other venues? The following tips and trends will help you create effective ads no matter where they will be used.

* Use Color Effectively

Color has always been a vital part of advertising. Certain colors can evoke particular moods. Seeing the color red might invoke passion. Alternatively, being exposed to a bright yellow might create a spirit of joyfulness. Saturated color appeals to the eye, and a variety of color themes within the same advertisement can work wonders at drawing attention to your brand and product.

* Avoid Strong or Overpowering Filters

Advertising trends are currently in favor of realistic characters that remind a customer of himself or his own life. Rather than relying on heavily photoshopped or filtered individuals or settings, use advertisements that appeal to the real-life nature of most shoppers today. Gone are the days when customers prefer to view picture-perfect and blemish-free models. Today’s customers would much prefer to view people in ads that look like themselves and remind them of real-life situations that they may experience on a personal level.

* Appeal to Strong Women

Both men and women alike are showing a strong preference for advertisements featuring gritty and powerful female personas. Women today are tough, goal-driven creatures and they love to see advertisements that depict their gender as being tough, motivated, and highly driven toward reaching their goals.

* Create a Culture of Global Acceptance

If you’re a business that wants to expand your growth and potential, you definitely do not want to limit yourself to one specific subset of the population. Create advertisements with a culturally accepting view in mind. Understand and focus on the similarities in human nature that we all have, regardless of our background, race, or gender. Focus on equality and what makes us similar as humans rather than what separates us. In doing so, you will pave the way for more encompassing advertisements that appeal to the masses, no matter what their specific background is.

* Be Lighthearted and Playful

There is a time and place for more serious and heartfelt advertisements. However, lighthearted, playful, and humorous advertisements appeal to many. Life is already serious enough, so don’t be afraid for your ads to be a bit on the playful side. Humor on social media can also go a long way toward drawing in a captive audience.

About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal has made quite the powerful name for herself in the advertising world. As of 2015, Lori Senecal has served as the CEO of Crispin Porter & Bogusky, LLC. Throughout her successful career in advertising, Lori Senecal has been the creative force behind the development of a number of innovative strategies designed to help business owners and corporations alike to succeed.

Lori Senecal has honed her advertising skills to include such areas as account leadership, strategic planning, and the development of innovative ideas to boost success and increase profit margins for corporations around the United States. As further proof of her career aptitude, Lori Senecal has been honored many times for her personal accomplishments within her field of expertise. Lori Senecal continues to offer her expertise so that small business owners and large corporations alike can experience a greater degree of success.

It has been said that as many as 90% of new business start-ups fail within the first few years of opening their doors. There are many factors that go into determining whether or not a business will be successful. Some of these factors, however, stand out as being of vital importance in helping a business develop strong roots and grow. One of these vital aspects of growth is found in the power of advertising. Furthermore, the methods and applications used in advertising are constantly changing to adapt to growing trends within the community as a whole. Companies must work hard at remaining on the cutting edge of new and modern advertising techniques that help distinguish them from their competitors and boost their overall long-term success

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