Lori Senecal Shares Current Trends For Creating Powerful Facebook Ads

As Facebook continues to grow, more companies are taking advantage of the advertising opportunities afforded by the social media platform’s large and diverse user base. According to recent research, about 90 percent of Facebook users access their accounts on mobile devices. This means that the most important strategy for developing an effective advertising plan is to optimize a site for mobile use, says Lori Senecal. Also, every aspect of advertising must be optimized for mobile use. From small restaurants to global clothing chains, any business can advertise on Facebook and see impressive results. However, the key is to approach the platform’s advertising features correctly.

How To Advertise Effectively On Facebook

First, advertisers must determine what they want from their key performance indicators or KPIs. With Facebook, most companies aim for more page likes, more post engagement or more post shares. A company that is just starting out on social media would likely want more page likes, and an established company that is seeing a downturn may be more interested in post engagement for feedback. With the recent addition of sponsored ads that appear directly in news feeds instead of on the sidebar, many companies opt for this direct positioning.

To be as effective as possible on Facebook, advertisers must have a cohesive end-to-end strategy that incorporates post-sale customer care. Small businesses have the most flexibility in designing a customized strategy. They have an easier time determining what is working and what is not working. Another important key to successful Facebook advertising is to find the right balance between gauging success on numbers and on the reactions of followers. Doing this will help advertisers reach their audience better while maintaining the most profitable elements of a plan.

How To Create Captivating Content

The heart of any advertising plan on Facebook or another platform is creating content that draws people in through visual appeal first. Since most Facebook and social media users access their accounts on mobile devices, they scroll through their news feeds quickly. There are several ways to create visual content that will compel them to stop scrolling for a second. Next, they look to a caption. It must be concise and engaging enough that they click the link to read more or click the play button to watch a video. Everything from photo color choice to video frame size can affect KPIs. These tips embrace current trends to help create more powerful advertising content.

Use Vivid Colors

Striking color combinations are great for stopping fast-scrolling thumbs on a mobile device. Objects placed against eye-grabbing backgrounds can also send strong messages. For example, a new bakery may see a much higher response on a post if it features a pastry with colored frosting and colored sprinkles against a bold pink and teal background versus a plain glazed pastry sitting on an eggshell-colored plate. Remember that all video thumbnails and photos should have a clear focal point.

Create An Experience

When content is supposed to send a message, viewers must be able to relate to it whether they are reading words or watching a video. If a product or service solves a common problem, a creative or funny illustration of the problem that concludes with the product or service solving it is a good strategy. Illustrations that compare to problems can also be used. For example, a company marketing debt consolidation loans could create a video that starts with a sky diver falling and fumbling for a parachute. The suspense invokes a feeling that people who are stressed from debt can relate to, and the impacting visual experience will help them remember the company’s name or feel more compelled to call.

Match Brand Values With Real People

Another important component of helping people relate to content is featuring humans in advertisements. Individuals today are more interested in seeing realistic unfiltered images rather than models with heavy makeup and digital photo enhancement. For example, a durable athletic clothing line targeting all women could effectively market its brand by showing ladies who look tough but still represent multiple sizes.

Also, advertisers should represent how viewers see themselves. In a world full of different cultures and lifestyles, it is important to pick people who represent a diverse range of humans. For example, a smartphone company marketing a new device could show a picture with people from seven or eight different cultures in varying age ranges smiling and holding the phone. With an attention-grabbing background, this compelling picture would send a powerful message that the product is satisfactory for everyone.

A good way to make Facebook advertising more effective is to create a few separate test ads. Measure the KPIs for each one. Also, changing ads periodically with updated information and fresh trendy content is helpful.

About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal is the CEO of CP&B. She is responsible for overseeing and helping the growth of the company in its multiple global locations. Lori is known for being a leader in the digital and creative marketing industries. During her professional career, Lori has worked for several top marketing companies. As an innovator, she developed TAG Ideation, which is a special marketing unit for young adults. Her success and brilliant ideas led her to promotions over the years until she worked her way up to the position of president of McCann, NY.

After her time at McCann, NY, Lori went on to fill other roles including running KBS. While there, Lori developed brilliant strategies and methodologies for human resources. For three consecutive years, she earned the company a spot on a prestigious list of agencies to watch. The organization was also named the best New York company to work for. Lori credits much of her success and drive to various women who mentored her. Today, she also serves as a mentor to other women. She encourages them to build from their own drive, never give up and stay on the path to success.

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    We sell natural soaps and we have a video where we show a girl taking bath with our soap and that natural feeling she gets after the bath. It’s a hit just because we created an experience in our 30 second ad.

  2. Hi, I’m new to Facebook advertising and this article is informative. My SEO Company asked me to invest in Facebook marketing and before I permit them to, I want to have some clue how Facebook advertising works and its basic functions. Do you recommend any course or resource? Please help!

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