Making A Micro Niche In Affiliate Marketing Work For You

With affiliate marketing, you need a niche; you cannot be everything to everyone. Some niches pay well, such as insurance, high-end jewelry and dating networks, but if you have no interest in these sectors, it will be challenging to promote them. What you need is a high paying niche that you can promote easily.

If you are promoting downloads from Clinkbank, you would want to choose a category, such as games or e-businesses, and then concentrate on a niche within your niche. For example, games is a huge category with lots of competition. You want a micro niche with fairly low competition, so you can create a site with great content and dominate the SERPs. As long as there is enough demand for you to make money and there are enough products to promote.

Let us say that you decide to promote games; a micro niche might be first-person shooter games or the best game controllers for first-person shooter games. You can always find additional products to promote on Amazon, if your affiliate network runs short. Being a gamer would be a necessity; otherwise, you will not earn the trust or your readers.

Find a low-cost hosting company and install WordPress; it is very SEO friendly. Choose a template that you can customize so when visitors land on your website, your micro niche is obvious. Never use a standard template; you want to establish yourself as an authority on your micro niche, therefore, you need a website that appears professional.

Get on question and answer websites and find questions in your micro niche to answer. While you want to get your link in, provide a detailed, helpful answer. This will help establish you as an authority. Open a Google+ account as well, but do not promote your products on it. Just provide information and articles and you will see your micro niche website rise in the SERPs, and then you will start earning money.

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