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If you’ve heard of Market America before, you likely have heard of the success stories and the powerful network of UnFranchise owners reclaiming their own futures.

These success stories are the result of a fiery and unrelenting process of trial and error. UnFranchise owners with the most lucrative businesses have invariably worked hard to cultivate a name in their field and a strong network. For some, a network seems to fabricate from thin air, but if you need a little help in that area, Market America is still a highly viable option for creating a lasting residual income.

Since recruiting is a critical part of creating your residual income, honing your skills in that arena is valuable and a worthy investment of your time and energy. The more recruits you get, the more team members you have, and the easier and faster profit will come. When you’re starting out as an Unfranchise owner, recruiting may well be one of the most intimidating aspects of joining Market America. If this is the boat you’re in, it’s critical for you to know that Market America was created with a wide variety of people in mind. So you don’t need to be an expert speaker, networker, and communicator. You just need to have a willingness to learn and improve on your current strengths. If you feel overwhelmed at the idea of recruiting, begin by listing out your strengths. Capitalize on these, because each and every person has at least one skill that can help them during recruiting.

When recruiting for Market America, know that showing people your authentic eagerness and enthusiasm for your success will speak loudly.

When you show that you’re confident in the system, others will notice and take what you are saying seriously.

Recruiting is a vast topic to tackle, so let’s start from the beginning. You need people to talk to about your UnFranchise business. Start with your warm connections. List them out. This is a group of people that you already know. They may live in your neighborhood, and they can be your family and friends. Pay attention to indicators that any of these people may be looking for alternative ways to make money. Maybe some of your friends are frustrated with their current jobs, or talk about wanting to spend more time with their children at home. Discuss with them your personal experience with Market America, and relate it to their current problem.

At some point, you’ll have discussed Market America with your warm connections and want to look for more connections outside of your immediate circle. This can be intimidating at first. But you’ll notice that you probably learned quite a bit while presenting Market America to your warm connections. You’ll have likely refined your delivery of the plan, and learned even more about the company.

All of these experiences are vital to your growth and mindset as a Market America entrepreneur.

Other ways to connect with potential recruits are hosting home parties, going to networking events, making cold calls, and buying leads.

But what do you do once you’ve tried those avenues? Instead of feeling frustrated, and like you’re missing out on potential income, engage more deeply in training, conventions, and other meetings that other Market America UnFranchise owners have used to get results. Like all other areas of Market America, this takes work and perseverance. So unlike going through poor marketing methods, you’ll be getting to those key markets but targeting the right ones. Traditional marketing aims to show products and services to large groups of often uninterested audiences. With the accelerated growth of the internet, Market America UnFranchise owners are placed in prime conversion positions that make recruiting and selling much more tangible.

Recruiting is about consistency, so when you don’t have that, you’re stuck fumbling around.


And you were probably thinking, hey, I joined Market America so I could leave my dead-end job and get on with my life.

And you’ll do just that. But acquiring the proper tools for recruiting is just part of getting out of that vicious low-paying work cycle. Remember that as a Market America Unfranchise owner, you actually run your own business. So getting it up and running, of course with the help of the countless other Unfranchise owners and resources out there, is part of your job. And that doesn’t mean that you have to struggle and stay in the dark about aspects of the business that don’t seem to be easy off the bat.

If you ever feel stuck, you have a network of thousands of other Market America UnFranchise owners to turn to. Numerous tools and training sessions have been created with utmost care to help you out. The community is alive with people who’ve been in similar situations. Remember too that if you are continuously met with rejection during recruiting, it may just be that you are not talking to the right people. Don’t let that discourage you or stop you from continuing to build your business. Continue to remind yourself of why you joined Market America. Also, keep in mind that people who try to get you off track of becoming a successful business owner don’t know all that you’ve gone through to get to where you are.

Push back and take pride in your position as a business owner. Take ownership of the skills you are learning. Change Lives. 

Most of all, connect and take advantage of the wide web of other UnFranchise owners who have relevant training and advice to offer you.  A look back at how Market America | SHOP.COM and the UnFranchise® Business has been changing lives and helping people secure their financial future for 25 years.

They have embodied examples of success that Market America has enabled for people across the globe. Market America has no shortage of resources available to get you going, get you back on track, or get you on the fast-track to achieving financial independence. And with this said, think about who you were before Market America. You were probably looking for a way to supplement your income, and you may not have thought this type of system was even possible. There are other people out there right now who are feeling the same way as you did then. People want to grow and improve. Market America is a proven way to do so. When you introduce people to Market America, you’re not selling them a system, you’re showing them an investment that they can make in themselves.

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  1. Market America is an ideal platform for enthusiastic and hardworking professionals. There is much to learn from these geeks as they dominate their competitors with their innovative solutions to gain financial independence. I recon, their mechanism works very well for almost every business type.

  2. Market America is a great company to write about. Recruiting, and doing so effectively, is the most important investment you can make. There is no shortage of resources available to help you do that and more, and back to achieving financial independence. I believe it is a highly viable option for helping you create a lasting residual income.

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