Marketing For Beauty and Cosmetics Brands

If you’re not interested in the world of beauty and cosmetics, you should be. We don’t mean that we expect you to start donning a full face of makeup, but the beauty industry is booming and any smart marketer should want to get in on this lucrative industry.

There’s a lot to know about the world of digital marketing for cosmetics and beauty brands. To help you get started, here are some pertinent things to know about this industry.

Consumers Buy A Lot

There are some products, such as tech, where consumers tend to only make purchases once or twice a year. Beauty buyers, however, are ravenous consumers. Cosmetics and beauty lovers are never satisfied with just one product. Instead, they want to practically hoard products, building large collections. These buying habits have a lot to do with the influence of beauty gurus on social media.

Gurus Run The Game

No, we’re not talking about spiritual gurus who give wisdom while doing advanced yoga poses. Rather, we’re talking about beauty gurus. Beauty gurus are young people who post images and videos of themselves using popular products on social media. Some provide tutorials on how their fans can achieve similar looks.

Gurus pretty much decide which products will be hits and which ones will be duds. Gone are the days where glossy magazine editors had control over which brands rose to popularity. Today, a teenage girl can easily influence the market if she has significant enough of a following.

This means that savvy beauty brands harness the power of gurus. They can do this by reaching out and offering gurus free products or compensation in exchange for a review. It might sound like a lot of work, but a review from a popular guru can often lead to a brand selling their entire inventory on the day the video or article is released. Even if a young brand can’t access an extremely famous guru with millions of followers, they can still benefit from working with new and up-and-coming gurus.

A Changing Industry

The beauty industry is changing in some really exciting ways. While department stores and magazines used to set the trends, the entire industry is now being influenced by what’s said and done online. Any digital marketer who wants to move into an exciting new field would be wise to dip his or her toe in the world of beauty and cosmetics.


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