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You naturally believe that your company is awesome, however, industry awards allows you to show potential customers this fact backed up by proof from your peers. The key to using awards for free PR and marketing purposes is to get as much press out of each award as possible. While the company giving the award will announce the winners on their website and most likely issue a press release, it is up to you to announce your win through your own unbiased press release, blog post and on your social media platforms. Call your business an award-winning company where appropriate and use the award logos to validate your point.

Submitting your entry for as many business awards as possible increases your chances of winning multiple awards. Keep a calendar of the entry deadlines, prioritizing prestigious awards.

Hone your entries by first making sure that you are applying for the correct category. Next, include all of the information, including details and exhibits, which create a clear case for the judge to select your company as the winner. Finally, fill out every question and have another person go over your entry to ensure that everything is clear and that you have not forgotten anything.

While there is no clear evidence that awards sway consumers, it is publicity and if a consumer if deciding between two companies with equally impressive offerings, they will likely select the award-winning company since people like to think that they do business with winners.

Awards also build staff morale, especially if you highlight their contributions in press releases and on social media. Ensure that your staff finds out about the award from top management before the information becomes public to reinforce their position as your most important brand ambassadors. Throw a bash, take pictures and post them on your social media platforms to humanize your brand and show how proud you are of having a great team.

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