My Honest Skimlinks Review: Can It Make You Money?

My Honest Skimlinks Review: Can It Make You Money?


Skimlinks Overview

Skimlinks is an online affiliate network which many affiliate marketers today can use to quickly make more money off of their already profitable websites. It is one of the best affiliate networks around and from the moment that you are accepted into the program you will be signed up automatically with over 17, 000 affiliate merchants so you can begin earning money the moment you sign up. This Skimlinks review will explain more;

Product Name: Skimlinks


Price: Free to Apply

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

Skimlinks Review

How It Works

Skimlinks may seem confusing at first but that is simply not the case. Skimlinks works by converting the affiliate links that you have in your content into another affiliate link that will immediately make you money the moment a visitor clicks on it. You are paid not only for a sale that is made through your special affiliate link but by the clicks that your links generate.

Pros vs. Cons


  • Better Affiliate Rates-normally affiliates can earn up to 10% of the sale of a product, but with Skimlinks affiliates can easily earn up to 110% of the commission from a sale.
  • Easy To Install-to integrate the Skimlinks system into your profitable website all that you have to do is enter a small piece of coding into your website and that is it. Upon that point the Skimlinks system will take over and place all of the other necessary affiliate links into your blog posts and pages without you having to do it yourself.
  • All of Your Affiliate Links Are Untouched In Your Websites Coding-you don’t need to worry about having your affiliate links damaged or removed by the Skimlinks system. The coding that is used for your site will make sure to leave these untouched so that you won’t have to spend time later fixing everything.
  • High Quality Analytics Tools To Gauge Your Success-to help make sure that you are able to make as much money as possible Skimlinks will give you access to a variety of helpful marketing tools such as analytics so you can see where you marketing efforts are succeeding and where you will need to make some improvements.


  • Not Easy To Get Accepted Into-the only way that you will get accepted into the Skimlinks program is by having a website that is at least 1 year old and that gets a decent amount of traffic daily stemming from both advertisements and natural search engine search. Without this you will not be accepted into the program. That is why I don’t recommend this program for people just starting out in the affiliate marketing world.
  • Pay Period Is Once A Month-while this is not a disadvantage for me many people may not like the fact that you are only paid once a month from Skimlinks. However, this is very normal for many affiliate networks so it is not something you should be overly concerned with.


Who Is It For?

Skimlinks is a program for people looking to make more money from their already profitable websites. However, I only recommend this program for people who have marketing experience and who have websites that are no less than a month old. Therefore only experienced internet marketers should apply for this program.


There are a variety of tools that you can use to track your success with the Skimlinks system. Here are just a few of them:

1. A Daily Analytics Report-this tool is used to help you track the earnings you have made for the day. The information that this report gives you consists of how many clicks you have gotten, how much your conversion rate is and how many sales you have made.

2. Website Analytics Report-you can easily track how your websites are doing, where your traffic is coming from and what keyword you are currently ranking for. If you have used Google Analytics then you will find that the two are very similar to one another.

3. Unaffiliated Clicks Report-while this tools is not the most enjoyable tool that you can use, it is still very helpful in determining how much money you can possibly make. This tool can tell you what affiliate links you currently have that are not doing so great and it will give you the opportunity to swap it out for one that is doing much better.

4. Product Report Tool-when you use this tools you will be able to see what products have been purchased from the merchants you are working with. This can be very helpful especially when you want to come up with new ways to promote the links you are currently using.

5. Page Report Tool-if you want to know what pages of your website are helping to convert your referrals into sales, then this will be the perfect tool for you. This can help you determine what pages are doing better than most and what you can do to improve the pages that aren’t converting.

SupportA skimlinks review

Not many affiliate networks out there have a great support system in place, but Skimlinks is not one of them. From the moment you are accepted into the program you will have access to the entire Skimlinks customer service department where you can get all of the help you need the moment you need it. The support that is given is in the form of a knowledge base, telephone number and email ticketing system.

My Final Opinion

For an affiliate network, no other place can compare to Skimlinks. There are many advantages to using this program such as state-of-the-art analytics reporting and access to over 17, 000 affiliate merchants, making your potential earnings virtually limitless. There is a reason this program has thrived since its inception in 2006 and I have no doubt it will continue to grow in the coming years. If you are an affiliate marketer and are looking for a way to monetize your website and to earn some money online, I highly recommend that you check out Skimlinks today and thanks for reading this review!

My Verdict: I highly recommend it.

To get started using Skimlinks today, CLICK HERE

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  1. Hey Philip,

    I was totally researching a replacement for Adsense and InfoLinks and came across your outstanding Skimlinks review. It’s refreshing to see another successful Wealthy Affiliate entrepreneur performing stellar research!! Well done, brother! I may give SkimLinks a try! Thanks so much!


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