New Joint Chief Investment Officer Trey Parker wants to Improve Client Relations and Secure New Global Clients for Highland Capital Management, L.P.

Highland Capital Management, L.P., located in Dallas, Texas, recently released information that Trey Parker was recently elected as the new joint chief investment officer. Highland Capital Management manages accounts held by private individuals and institutions. Financial experts agree that Trey Parker has the right type of experience to manage the alternative asset management corporation. The announcement also mentioned that Mark Okada will work with Trey Parker as the other half of the joint chief management team. The two financial professionals have been assigned the responsibility of managing $13 billion for a wide array of clients in the United States and abroad.

According to Mark Okada, Trey Parker is the ideal candidate for the position. Mr. Parker has previously been acknowledged as a successful manager of operational alpha. Trey Parker’s vast experience and broad background in the financial field includes his own thoughts about how to improve research and the development of a risk management program. Mark Okada stated that Trey Parker’s ideas are going to improve the company by implementing improved organization and efficiency in the workplace. With Trey Parker on board, the company will see a vast and immediate improvement in client relations.

The management team at Highland Capital Management values private clients and entrepreneurs because they represent the primary focus of the business model. In addition to the expected improvement of relationships with clients, Mark Okada mentioned that working with Trey Parker will result in expanding the management of funds owned by clients residing in other countries around the world. Trey Parker plans to reach out to potential global clients who value the financial strategies associated with Highland Capital Management.

Trey Parker started out as an investment manager at Highland Capital Management and was eventually promoted to a position as the credit research department manager. His former experience managing investment portfolios led to managing credit funds. In 2015, Trey Parker was promoted as a partner. Today, his position as the joint chief investment officer is a result of his previous hard work and determination to perform his due diligence at all times.

Co-founder and President James “Jim” Dondero mentioned that Trey created a unique investment platform. Trey’s platform was largely responsible for assisting Highland Capital Management in its main goal of attaining success in the asset management field. According to Jim Dondero, Trey Parker’s mind is finely tuned to the needs of his clients. He knows what his clients expect. He provides them with intelligent and informative answers to their questions. Jim Dondero said that Trey has a unique approach that complements the central vision prevalent at Highland Capital Management.

When Trey Parker was asked about his recent promotion, he told reporters that he is honored to receive words of encouragement and praise from Mark Odada and Jim Dondero. Mr. Parker said that he is grateful for the chance to prove worthy of their trust in his abilities. Mr. Parker mentioned that is thankful for the opportunity to help Highland Capital Management gain more clients and attain new levels of success.

As joint investment officers, Mr. Parker and Mr. Okada will have their own separate duties. In addition to managing institutional funds and private investment portfolios, Trey Parker will help manage the Highland Opportunistic Credit Fund as the co-portfolio manager. In addition, Mr. Parker will serve on three investment committee boards. Mark Okada will help manage the Highland Floating Rate Opportunities Fund and the Highland iBoxx Senior Loan ETF as the co-portfolio manager of both funds.

In a similar vein, NexPoint Advisors, L.P., an affiliate of Highland Capital Management, L.P., recently completed a rights offering for shares in one of its promising funds. The fund’s below investment grade debt and equity holdings are attractive to investors seeking higher dividends on their investments. The closed-end fund is called NexPoint Credit Strategies. Investors have seen 20.69 percent returns during the past year and similar returns for the past five years in a row. James Dondero mentioned that he was pleased with the fund’s performance and loyalty from its investors.

Highland Capital Management, L.P., is registered by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as an investment advisor managing approximately $14 billion in private and business assets. Jim Dondero and Mark Okada founded the firm in 1993. Highland Capital Management is recognized as a large global alternative credit managing company including the management of credit hedge funds, long-only funds and special-situation private equity accounts. Highland Capital Management also offers investors opportunities to invest in alternative investments including natural resources. The prestigious investment firm manages funds for foundations, the government, financial institutions and wealthy investors.

One of the main reasons that clients flock to Highland Capital Management for investment advice is due to the company’s emphasis on risk management. Investment advisors at Highland Capital Management strive to identify successful investments for clients. The main strategy is to help clients focus on their financial goals during periods of high volatility. One way to stay with the course is to minimize losses. Risk management techniques help clients to experience less volatility. The mindset is to assist investors to reach their investment objectives rather than bombard them with selling products. Additionally, the management team wishes to serve as strong advocates for clients who need these types of services.

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