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As anyone in the digital marketing world knows, Facebook and social media are the present and the future of marketing. Social media is a great platform to reach many people of different demographics. Recently, in the last few months, the Facebook algorithm shifted. This is nothing to be scared of, as Facebook and Google both shift their algorithm many times throughout the year. However, with this change come certain changes you need to be aware of.

Organic Engagement Is The Name Of The Game
While it is possible to boost posts and pay for ads, Facebook is now favoring content with organic engagement. What does this mean? Basically, posts that users genuinely connect with and like/share/comment on by themselves will show up in the newsfeed more often than boosted posts or ads.

Why The Change?
Facebook is desperately looking to increase the customer experience. While more and more businesses begin to use this website as an advertising platform, the user experience has shifted from a social one to a more commercial one. This is shying away from the intent of Facebook, and the creators are determined to shift it back.

What Does This Mean For You?
In order to effectively market your small business, you must now create posts that pique the interest of users on its own. People have to genuinely want to be involved with your company and enjoy the content that you are putting out in order to stay relevant in the shifting focus scope of the newsfeed. How do you do this? Include your employees in more of your post; by keeping your page more personal people will be more likely to share posts because they can connect. Also, keep your content somewhat general. Users are more likely to enjoy general advice they can apply to their every day life instead of things that are specific to a service or deal by your company.

Moving Forward
Because, as we mentioned, the algorithm is every shifting and changing, it is important to keep up with the latest and greatest Facebook trends. Keep an eye out on local marketing blogs and websites so you can keep tabs on all of the changes happening on Facebook. For a complete guide to Facebook digital marketing, check out Hubspot’s ultimate guide here.

Remember; the world of marketing is constantly changing, you need to stay relevant to keep up!


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