Newbie Mistakes To Avoid

We all make mistakes. Even the most experienced affiliate have been conned a few times. So, with that in mind, here are a few newbie mistakes to avoid at all cost!

Do Not Run Before You Can Walk

Accept the fact that earning your first dollar may take some time. Work through the vast variety of training courses out there. Ask for help and take baby steps. The more experienced affiliates know all to well of many newbie affiliate who lost thousands because they got into deep water way too soon.

PPC campaigns, creating SEO friendly articles, creating an organic network of backlinks and finding the right affiliate networks to join takes time. You can not simply throw some money at a PPC campaign and expect to make money.

You have to choose your target audience and location carefully. Consider the time of day and the amount to pay per click. You have to monitor the campaign and make alterations based on experience and much more. There is more to affiliate marketing than meets the eye.

Spending Too Much Money On Your First Website

When you first start the affiliate journey you are energetic and eager. You create a website and think “This is it!” Take if from us that the chances are that you will create another 5 websites before you land on one that you feel is good enough to put your name on.

Consider the other ones as stepping stones and dry runs before you get to the best site you can make. That being said try not to spend too much cash on your first websites.

There is no need for fancy logos and expensive WordPress themes because the chances are you will ditch that website + domain name for something more appropriate as your experience grows. You make your mistakes and you learn, then you move on. Think of it as a mobile phone. You use it, learn from it, then you upgrade.

Wasting Your Time By Getting Distracted

Probably the hardest thing about making money online is staying focused. You are your own boss and with so many distractions online, how are you supposed to stay focused on your work? Even the most hardened affiliate marketer finds themselves on Facebook or Twitter when they should really be working. The best thing to do in most cases is to create a daily schedule and put it on the wall in front of you. For example;

  • Re-Tweet 10 people and engage
  • Google + 10 people and engage
  • Facebook like and engage users
  • Write an additional 300 words to your current article project
  • 30 minutes of keyword research for next article
  • 30 minute research for next PPC campaign

Create a schedule that you are comfortable with and stick to it. Your life will become easier and much more efficient.

Using Cheap Tactics To Gain SEO And Increase Ranking

Do not think for a second you can outsmart Google by using sneaky tactics to create backlinks and false information etc to boost your rankings. is filled with people selling SEO tactics and Facebook “likes” and so on. Avoid ALL of them.

They are all bogus and they will have a negative impact on your rankings. They are there specifically to target newbie marketers who think they are getting a bargain. High Google ranking are created organically and unless you have a million dollar budget you can not buy your way to the top. Sorry! That is just life. You have to work for it.



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