How Perry Mandera Impacted Chicago-based Mercy Home

Chicago Mercy Home Receives Help from Perry Mandera

Perry Mandera is a man who has made his name known across various sectors of the business world. Mandera is perhaps best known as the CEO and founder of The Custom Companies Inc., a full-service transportation provider that works with a range of clients from family-owned businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Though his company is over thirty years old, Mandera is now also becoming known for an entirely different pursuit — charitable giving. This pursuit is perhaps best exemplified through his work with The Mercy Home for Boys and Girls.


A longtime member of the Chicago business community, Perry Mandera founded The Custom Companies Inc. in 1986. Headquartered in Northlake, Illinois, The Custom Companies Inc. employs several hundred people throughout Illinois and the country. The company provides a complete range of logistic services and products including LTL, air freight forwarding, and cartage services.


With a history of service through his time in the armed forces and as a Republican Ward Committeeman in Chicago, Perry Mandera is no stranger to giving back. His life is peppered with examples of his generosity and commitment to his community, and it is that philanthropic drive that led to the creation of Custom Cares, the charitable arm of Custom Companies Inc.


Through Custom Cares, Mandera has supported a variety of causes related to his life’s story. Mandera’s connection to the Marines has led him to work with organizations focused on serving veterans’ needs, such as Hiring Our Heroes and Marines For Life. A desire to alleviate the suffering caused by devastating illnesses lead to him supporting organizations focused on eradicating cancer, such as The American Cancer Society and The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. But perhaps one of Mandera’s most notable pursuits is his desire to support children in need. This desire has driven Mandera to work with a variety of children-focused organizations, a standout example being his contributions to The Mercy Home for Boys and Girls.


The Mercy Home for Boys and Girls is a charitable organization that works to break the cycle of neglect and abuse for at-risk children. Since its founding in 1887, the organization has come to the aid of over 30,000 children through a variety of methods such as its youth residential, aftercare, and mentoring programs. The Mercy Home for Boys and Girls works on a principle of providing structure and support to abused children through housing and volunteer guidance (Bloomberg).


How Perry Is Helping


Through Custom Cares, Perry Mandera’s support helps to allow The Mercy Home for Boys and Girls to continue its mission in a variety of ways. A recent example of this mission in action is the promotion of a sustainability initiative through a gardening project at The Mercy Home’s Hay Campus. Together with volunteers, Mercy Home residents and workers collaborated to rejuvenate the garden through the planting of both vegetables and flowers. The project, dubbed Green Thumbs for a Greener World, had multiple objectives including reducing the community’s carbon footprint as well as helping to educate Mercy Home residents on the value of sustainability and socially responsible practices.


Perry Mandera’s support of organizations such as The Mercy Home has taken many forms over the years. With the resources available to him due to his role at Custom Companies Inc., assistance with transportation is a significant way that Mandera and Custom Cares can make a positive impact on charitable organizations ( An example of this type of contribution is Mandera’s work with both The Walter and Connie Payton Foundation and The Jesse White Tumblers. Through his commitment to these two organizations, Mandera was able to provide the transportation and donation of 6,500 winter coats to needy children in the Chicagoland and surrounding counties.


Through The Custom Companies Inc., Mandera has also donated transportation services to aid victims of natural disasters, such as the devastating tornado that struck Washington, IL in 2013. In addition, The Custom Companies Inc. has donated food, supplies, and transportation to victims of tragedies such as Hurricane Katrina and victims of California Wildfires.


In addition to providing monetary and transportation assistance, Perry Mandera continues his support of at-need children in a variety of ways. Custom Cares has sponsored over one hundred youth sports teams around Chicago and throughout the state of Illinois. With a similar goal as The Mercy House for Boys and Girls, Custom Cares also works to come to the aid of underprivileged, disadvantaged, or abused young adults and children by providing them with financial educational support.


His Personal Efforts


Mandera also takes on a personal role in aiding young people in his community by coaching youth sports such as basketball, football, and baseball. Mandera not only contributes toward providing community kids and teens with an organized extracurricular outside of their school and home but as a local business leader, he also serves as a role model for what can be accomplished through persistence and hard work.


In addition to his work in youth athletics, Perry Mandera has also managed and supported numerous boxing competitors. In this role, he has worked with two Olympic competitors, Donnell Nickelson and Andy Lee, who competed in the 1992 and 2004 Olympics respectively.


With his long history of excellence in the world of business, it is perhaps unsurprisingly that Perry Mandera has been able to make such an impact in the world of charitable giving as well. His philanthropic work in a variety of areas such as veteran relief, disease research and prevention, and the support of at-need children is a reflection of the values that have guided him over a lifetime. His committed work ethic is just as evident through his work with Custom Cares as it is in his role with The Custom Companies Inc. While there many notable examples of his charitable work, his support and contributions to the mission of The Mercy Home for Boys and Girls is a standout example of his tireless effort to give back. Mandera’s goal to use his success in business to benefit his community continues to aid charities across Chicago, the state of Illinois, and the country.

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