Procter & Gamble Will Receive Digital Marketing Pitches

Dmexco is the name of a digital conference that will take place in Germany in the middle of Sept. It is at this conference that Procter and Gamble will attempt to take a big step forward in terms of their digital marketing. The company has not been happy with their online presence over the past few years. Management of the company feels that they have been passed by their competitors in many areas where digital marketing is concerned. This is why they have decided to listen to pitches from 20 startup companies in the digital marketing industry. P&G is hoping that at least one of these companies will present them with some outstanding digital marketing ideas that they will be able to utilize moving forward.

The 20 startups that will get this opportunity of a lifetime will be selected through an application process. Dmexco has a website through which all applications can be submitted. P&G has chosen to go this route instead of simply contacting the big digital marketing companies that have been around for a long time. P&G wants to get some fresh ideas from some new blood. Therefore, they believe that allowing new startups to give them a digital marketing pitch will expose them to young people who will have an approach to digital marketing that the established companies would not be able to offer. It remains to be seen if this will be the case.

Large companies that are worth billions of dollars are slowly realizing that it is a good idea to get input from young people because they are more attuned to what other young people are attracted to. This is especially true when it comes to developing a strategy for social media and digital marketing. This is why other major companies will surely follow P&G’s lead and allow startups to pitch them digital marketing ideas as well. After all, these companies have absolutely nothing to lose by listening to a few pitches. They are not committing to anything. If they are not impressed with what they hear, it will be back to the drawing board.

Applications from startups that wish to pitch to P&G will be accepted until August 31. The winning startup will receive a price of $23,000. There have been no limitations placed on what the startups can do with their presentations. P&G wants to encourage the startups to be as creative as possible.




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