Quick Ways To Earn Money Online

quick ways to make money online

There are many quick ways to earn money online ranging from Paid-To-Click sites to doing odd jobs on Fiverr.com. Payment level depends on how eager, or desperate you are. The great thing about the Internet is that you can more or less do anything you want. The only limit is how badly you need money or perhaps how determined you are to have a successful career online.


This way of making money online is fairly obvious by now. You basically post a job/task or service which you will do for $5. Fiverr has gained a massive following and other copycat sites have sprung up all over the place – they are also good to use but Fiverr is king in my book. Competition is fierce but if you are willing and able to perform simple tasks such as writing a short review or perhaps sing a silly song then this can be VERY lucrative. You can have a look here. However be careful, from experience you can waste hours looking at the fun and bizarre people of Earth who will do almost anything for a few bucks!

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Everyone knows about craigslist and many people actually make a full time living from posting odd jobs and stuff for sale on this website. Think about anything you can do such as renting your services as a delivery man or any services which you can do well. You can sell unwanted furniture and anything you wish really. A clever way is to simply take unwanted furniture away from peoples home – many people simply give them away to clear space – and then sell them on Craigslist. You should have a look at what other people are listing as this will give you great ideas. This can be a very fun and quick way to earn money online. However, be safe. Craigslist has been known to be dangerous as there is no way to telling what person you are in contact with. Use your common sense so if something smells fishy or seems too good to be true then walk away.


This is a golden one. Recently the price of postage, listing fees and PayPal fees have sky rocketed so Ebay is no longer as good as it used to be but purely to get rid of some old stuff lying around it is amazing. Look around you where you are sitting and find stuff you no longer use or need. I did this a few months ago and I had almost $1000/£600 worth of stuff simply lying around. Old games consoles, DVD’s, old printers, jeans, jackets and so on. We are a society of consumers and we do buy a lot of stuff which we do not actually need. Have a look around you and I can guarantee you do have a lot of stuff you can sell. Remember that even if you only get £5 per item this still adds up fast – especially if you have a lot of clothes and video games and such. There is also the potential to go to car boot sales and buy stuff specifically to sell on Ebay.

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Local Marketing

This is a great way to earn a little quick cash. Make some flyers to hang up around your local town, advertising your services. The service you choose can be anything but make it something you are genuinely good at – there is never any point in trying to rip people off. You do want to be true and build up a reputation for being trustworthy. The flyers can be anything from “We will take your unwanted furniture away – FREE” – which you can then take and sell online. Perhaps even offer your services to cut grass or do simply DIY jobs. Local marketing is incredibly effective because we have become so used to the Internet now that most people have completely forgotten about the old fashioned way to advertising. Hence, very little competition. Give it a go, you may be surprised.

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*Hot Tip* – combine local flyer marketing with online service providers like Fiverr.com. Offer your service as a business card designer for example. Then buy the design for $5 from Fiverr and sell it on to the person who answers your flyer for $10.

Refer Your Friends & Family

There are websites like My Cash Freebies who work with Fortune 500 companies and you get $20 + for simply referring people to join their website – 100% FREE.  So it is quite simple – you tell your best friend to join and you get paid. So if you are desperate for some quick cash for virtually no effor then this is a good one. There is a video below which will explain a little bit better. Worth a look…

Recycle Your Old Phones

Collect together all your old smart phones and any phones your friends do not want anymore. All major phone companies like O2 and Vodafone all pay very well for old phones. They recycle them and I know they can give more than £60/$100 for certain phones such as Iphones and Experia phones. This is a very nice way to make money because everyone has old phones lying around.


There are of course many hundreds more ways of making some quick money online but this should be enough to get your feet wet. Please do feel free to share any thoughts or perhaps some other ideas for earning little bit extra money online.

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