Rubbish Removal in London : The Concept Of Being Environmentally Fashionable

The rate at which the environment is being affected by the plastic overflow is a huge topic of discussion. The need for better ways to deal with rubbish removal is obvious; it wasn’t a surprise when studies showed that by the year 2050 there is going to be more plastic filling the ocean than fish. It is as a result of this that the fashion industry decided to play its role to help reduce the waste build up.

Fashion Brands and Recycling

For years now fashion brands have incorporated the idea of recycling.This has been done by upcycling, vintage and clarity shops. The current years has seen brands venture into designs and concepts that are stylish, creative, adventurous and beautiful all from an array of waste products. Below are examples of such brands:

-Segrasegra, a Hungarian company focuses on recycling inner tubes from a bicycle to make smooth t-shirts and leather style jackets.

-In the previous year, Adidas company worked in partnership with Parley for the Oceans and used yarns and filaments that had been recycled from illegal deep sea gill nets to create a trainer made.

-Emma Whiteside, a New Zealand designer, used sparkling metals of recycled radiator copper to make a sculptural gown.

-Jewelry designer, Rosalie McMillan uses recycled coffee grounds gotten from London offices to make jewelry. At first, she dries them, compresses and contorts into bold geometric designs.

-At the Met Gala, Emma Watson wore a dress that was woven from yarn made from recycled plastic bottles that were sustainable and had proper sourcing.

-It has been incorporated in a brand like Nike. When the designers used recycled plastic bottles to make jerseys, socks, and shorts for the United States 2015 Women’s World Cup. As from 2010 the clothing company chose to divert more than 2 billion plastic bottles from landfills into recycled polyester

The brand “Worn Again” and the processes of recycling

The concept of recycling is not new. It has been used by companies like Clearabee that seek to make the environment safe and clean. People need to think of sustainability when they want to design. Questions like where materials are going to come from, how and where something is to be made need to be posed to such parties. According to Rosalie McMillan, a jewelry designer, she considers fashion as something that changes quite fast, and after that, no one is interested in that item. She hopes to make pieces that people will still wear even after time has passed.

As much as such concepts of recycling are beneficial and aid in aiding in rubbish removal before it becomes an environmental hazard, forms of it like mechanical recycling:

-Failure in dealing with the chemical by products from the initial materials.

-Even after these products have been recycled, there are few means of recycling them again so that they can be reused.

It is for such reasons above that fashion heads like Ms. Rhoades (founder of Worn Again) are advocating for chemical recycling. With this type of recycling companies will be able to extend the lifecycle of resources such that they can reuse them again and again as part of the non-ending cycle that is crucial in finding new and improved ways the of recycling. Companies like Clearabee have been strong advocators of the reusing of materials like plastics that had been discarded along the shore of the seas to create works of art like sculptures.

Her company Worn Again seeks to help eradicate all the wastes from textile. The company has over the years developed chemical recycling through lab experiments and test trials in order to perfect a process whereby solvents are used to dissolve various kinds of textiles to the point of turning them into raw materials that can be used to make new clothes. The company’s vision is so that unwanted clothes can be collected in the coming years, dissolved then made again into new clothes to reduce waste. Every year according to Warp 350,000tonnes of used clothing worth 140 million pounds goes into the landfill in the United Kingdom.
According to the company in the future there will be a circular fashion in that as soon as a product reaches the end of its lifecycle, it is reprocessed in order to reuse the raw materials that will come later on the go back into the supply chain in a new form. In the present time, their work uses polyester and cotton which in reality make up 70% of all the day to day clothing. This is an issue because this company is a strong advocate for recycling and reusing of materials that do not pose any sort of danger to the environment and to deal with the issue of rubbish removal as a result of textile waste .in the case of worn again it will prove to be hard because of the entire process that goes into textiles: from the raw materials and all the processes that they go through. According to Ms. Rhodes, this is easier said than done because a fashion industry that is entirely circular with close to no waste will only happen in the years to come and also with the changes in technology.

The issue of rubbish removal led to the establishment of companies like Clearabee, an ecologically friendly waste management and rubbish clearance company in the United Kingdom. With the help of Clearabee, customers are assured of quality services and at affordable prices. The advantage of rubbish removal companies like these is that they implement environmentally friendly practices.

The factors that are polluting the environment like garbage overflow really need to be worked on, and it is for this reason that better ways of reducing the pollution such as recycling of materials, rubbish removal and reusing of resources will fundamentally help in sorting out this major issue. Founders of fashion houses seek to find better ways to curb the issue of rubbish pile up, and this will only work if they work in tandem with rubbish removal companies like Clearabee that have already found better ways of helping their customers in the disposal of garbage.


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