Samuel Strauch On How To Create A Positive Work Environment

Samuel Strauch reveals his tips on how to create a positive work environment for your employees

With more employers focusing on physical wellness in the workplace, the importance of employees’ emotional well-being has also become a popular topic. Samuel Strauch is a proponent of creating a positive work environment by using psychological tactics. Strauch has traveled to more than 25 states and to other countries to talk to companies about improving their work environment. These are some of his tips for employers to create a psychologically supportive environment.

Recognize Individual Goals

When Strauch interviews a prospective employee, he asks about the individual’s goals aside from getting a job to earn money. If an employer hires a person whose passions or goals pertain to the open job, the employee is more likely to stay with the company. Also, the person will be more productive than someone whose goals do not match the position. When a person is a good fit for the company, the employer should look for additional ways to foster the individual’s goals in the workplace. For example, a company that offers tuition reimbursement can encourage a person who wants to finish a degree program to enroll in online classes. If the employee qualifies for a higher position after earning that degree and gaining experience within the company, knowing that there is an opportunity to advance keeps the employee’s outlook positive.

Employers can also ask employees how they are working toward their personal goals outside of work to see if they need help. In some instances, their non-work goals can benefit them in their personal lives and at work. For example, several employees may want to lose weight or exercise more often. Working with a nearby gym to offer discounted memberships to employees is a good solution. Statistics show that healthy workers are more productive. If employees feel better about themselves and feel that they are working toward an accomplishment, they will have a better overall sense of well-being.

Build A Growth-friendly Environment

If employers encourage their workers to meet their goals, that is one big step toward creating an environment that fosters growth. Employers must also inspire workers to encourage one another. Building a company culture is important. The company culture includes a set of values that are instilled and practiced by workers on all levels. To do this, employers must create a list of important attributes or habits that they wish to see in their workers.

Also, employers must hold regular meetings that remind employees of the company’s core values. Offering incentives for demonstrating the company culture helps. For example, employers may offer gift cards or special recognition to workers who help other employees. Being part of a team is important for growth as well. Samuel Strauch encourages his workers to learn about one another. With innovative team-building exercises, his employees learn to embrace their differences and appreciate one another.

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Encourage Workers To Give Back

Psychologists agree that people feel better about themselves when they help others. Samuel Strauch embraces the idea of helping workers experience the emotional rewards of improving the lives of others. While at work, his employees participate in several charitable activities each year. They work in teams to raise money for multiple organizations. While they are working hard to help people in the community or in other communities, they are also improving their relationships with one another. In an interview, Strauch said that social responsibility is important to him personally and to his company. He hopes to inspire that priority in his employees whether they stay with his company or seek other opportunities.

Samuel Strauch is Helping People Succeed

Samuel Strauch is the principal of Metrik Real Estate in Miami Beach, Florida. Originally, his career goal was to work in the finance industry. Strauch attended Hofstra University to earn his undergraduate degree in business. He took applied business, marketing, real estate and finance classes at Harvard University and at Erasmus University. Although he started a banking career after finishing his studies, Strauch changed paths to help his family with their real estate business. He discovered a new passion and found ways to apply his business and financial skills to help people become homeowners. In 2002, Strauch founded Metrik Real Estate.

Since it started, Metrik Real Estate has grown considerably. Samuel Strauch focuses on real estate brokerage, property development, equity and management. In addition to serving South Florida, Strauch works with clients in Latin America. He put his entrepreneurial skills to good use by investing in several online companies and restaurants. Since Samuel Strauch enjoys helping people succeed, he travels to other states and countries for speaking engagements. He has participated in over 850 events and has reached more than 250,000 people. When he is not busy working, organizing charity teams or attending speaking events, Samuel Strauch enjoys photography and contributing to his photo blog.

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