Sawyer Howitt Shares Insight with Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt shares his advice
Entrepreneur Sawyer Howitt shares his advice

Americans are increasingly becoming dissatisfied with the unrewarding lifestyle that a traditional corporate job entails. Since the latest economic recession and the scarcity of jobs available for college graduates, more people have been taking their future into their own hands by trying to become their own bosses. The first step on this path is having enough financial security to try your hand at a new project or business idea so that you are not in a bind without earning a salary right away.

The wonderful thing about launching your own business is that you do not necessarily have to give up your day job or pause your education to do it. You can scale your business efforts according to your schedule and your life situation. Essentially, working to start your own business puts you in the driver’s seat for your future and gives you the flexibility to pursue your dream at your own pace. The only true mistake in planning to start your own business is failing to ever start. Everything else is fixable and scalable to any situation.

While you are taking the time to develop your business, you will likely need to find a way to bring in money so that you can pay your bills and set aside money to get your company off the ground. Rather than considering a typical salary job, you may want to consider some of these more creative options, which allow you to focus your mental energy on formulating and starting your own business. Pitching your ideas, developing a team and finding investors for your new business all require a significant time investment. That is why the best choice for a side gig is one that allows you maximum flexibility during your time off to schedule important meetings.

The one thing that any of the below options require from an aspiring entrepreneur is a willingness to put in extra time, effort and resources to go the extra mile. None of these ideas will materialize on your own, and some of them may be easier to launch than others. No matter which venture you choose to pursue, you should brace yourself for trials and tribulations along the way. Make sure to hold yourself accountable to your goal of launching your business by sticking to a budget and timeline. You do not want too much time to pass by at a side gig before you are on your way to opening doors for your own business.

  1. Design Consulting

Even if you do not have a background in graphic design, you can still put your creative talents to work by freelancing to design graphic logos for companies. You might also have a talent for coming up with great marketing slogans and business catch phrases. You can sign up to work on various freelance sites to get started. This will also help you build a portfolio of published work to share with potential clients who may contact you directly down the line. An added bonus in this line of work is that you will get great experience in marketing to assist in your own business venture.

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  1. Coding and website development

If you have any experience with designing and launching a website, then there are likely countless opportunities for you to work with business clients. Many smaller companies are now trying to establish a web presence, which means that there are more clients than ever for you to choose from in marketing your web design skills. This is a great gig for entrepreneurs because it allows you to work from your own home and only during the hours that you are free. You will also refine important skills that could come in handy down the line when you need to make a website for your own business.

  1. Consulting

Many companies require the services of a consultant for their specialized knowledge. Companies like the fact that they can retain a consultant without having to add another employee to the current payroll because it is much cheaper and more convenient to pay a consultant as a freelancer. If you have any special experience in a unique industry, then you might be able to earn a sizeable amount of money by serving as a consultant. Keep in mind that many companies are interested in consultants with language skills and who have experience in specific cultural areas.

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  1. Customer service work

You might be able to find a customer service position from the comfort of your own home. Many companies now outsource their customer service call centers to freelancers and independent contractors. If you have good people skills and lots of patience, you might be able to earn significant side income working as a customer service representative from home. Another option would be to approach those same companies and find out if there are any openings in sales. Given that most sales representatives earn a commission based on the volume and amount of sales they make, it may be easier for you to earn more money faster by working in sales. The downside to this position is that it may require more initiative and extra hours, which could prove to be a major distraction from your ultimate goal of running your own business.

About Sawyer Howitt

Sawyer Howitt is a key team member at Meriwether Group, an organization devoted to helping businesses realize their full potential and deal with a broad range of operational and strategic challenges. Sawyer Howitt is mostly engaged in the business finance aspect of Meriwether Group’s work and provides key insight into how organizations can remain true to their mission statement without ignoring their budget.

Howitt is set to attend the University of California, Berkeley and plans to study entrepreneurial finance. He has already gained invaluable experience through numerous internships and volunteer positions. Howitt has always embraced a challenge and looks forward to combining his passion for entrepreneurship with his keen understanding of finances. This should prove to be a rare and effective combination for success in the business world for Howitt in the years to come.

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  1. Valuable information! This article encouraged me to set up my own business. I will keep reading Affiliate Dork to seek business advice!

  2. I’ve been an advocate of being your own boss. Even when things were very right, I do tell people around to seek for something better and not the standard employment. Now, its time to embrace it. I’m a web developer, and it has been paying my bills.

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