Scams To Avoid

Be aware of these scoundrels! These sources are not to be trusted. They are either very misleading or a complete lie…

Article Directory Submission

Anyone who tries to suggest or offer to submit your articles to article directories, respectfully decline. This used to be a good way to spread your work around and get backlinks, which in turn helped your ranking. Nowadays this is not the case anymore. Article directories are now simply full of low quality articles which have little to no value. Some people still do it but we advise you to stay away. Google will penalize your site for using these. Matt Cutts about article submission

Buying Backlinks

Never buy backlinks from anyone. You can not trust these links. Basically there are services which do have genuinely good backlinks but unless you know 100% they are real then stay away.  There are people who sell 10,000 backlinks for like $10 which is a big red flag! Just stay away from buying backlinks until you have a few sales under your belt and you have complete website. 1 high quality backlink will do more good than thousands of poor quality ones. Remember this. Matt Cutts on backlinks

Who the hell is Matt Cutts?

SEO Experts Who Promise Page 1 Google Ranking

Anyone who “promises” to get your post or website to page 1 of Google is lying. No one, not even Matt Cutts, can write or edit an article and make this promise. There are many things you can do to improve your SEO but nothing is certain. A simple fact of online marketing is that even the most experienced writer will have to accept early on that many of his/her articles will not be ranked in top 10 pages of Google. Stay away from anyone who promises you page 1 results as a result of their services.

First of all is a great website. I use it all the time. However, stay away from ALL online marketing related gigs. Every single gig relating to traffic, SEO, advertising, backlinks and writing content – stay away. They are there to pray on newbies like yourselves. They are all bogus. I am sure there may be one or two legitimate ones in there but I have yet to spot one, or hear of one.

Any System, Community Or Person Promising A Big Payday

Anyone who promises you will be making 10,000 dollars by the end of the week, is lying. Almost all systems promise more than they will deliver and you have to approach all of them with caution. Even genuine systems promise thousands of dollars. The thing to remember is this. You have to remember that these “promises” are probably true but they refer to the creator of the system. Yes, he/she probably is making thousands per week but this person is the one who is getting all the payments from the affiliates like you. The affiliates themselves do not make anywhere near the amount the creator of the system does. That being said you can still make money from systems which promise the world. The best thing to do is Google the name of the creator and the system itself. Keep it real and use your head. If it looks fishy, it is! Every time


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