Signs That Affiliate Marketing Is Far From Dead

No one can disagree that affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States. It would be true to state that it is a huge aspect of all online marketing today. More than

Signs That Affiliate Marketing Is Far From Dead

15 percent of all digital marketing sales comes from the affiliate marketing industry. However, many people are concerned with it fading away because of the many changes in the industry. There are more and more ways to make money online. This has led many people to wonder if affiliate marketing is going to fall down the list to becoming secondary as a way to make money through digital online sales.

Thankfully, there are still many signs showing that affiliate marketing is far from dead and very much a viable source of making money online. For some marketing professionals, they believe that affiliate marketing is only going to continue to grow. Below are some of the top signs that this area is far from obsolete.

The Size Is Continuing To Grow

According to Forbes, the industry is expected to grow more than $6.8 billion throughout the next four or more years. This growth is not only in terms of revenue alone. It is also expected that the amount of affiliate networks will grow as well. The more networks there are, the more options people will have to pick from. The competition which results from this growth will mean better results and improved performance.

More Platforms

For anyone wanting to get in on the affiliate marketing bandwagon now, they will see that the amount of platforms to choose to sell from are plentiful. In the beginning, there were only a few small options to choose from. Years ago, Gawker Media made millions by selling their electronic items under the concept of affiliate marketing. The CEO of the company at the time had stated that affiliate marketing was a very valuable revenue stream for them. This alone shows how valuable and powerful affiliate marketing can be for small sellers and big companies alike.

More Online Buyers

The amount of people around the world with access to the internet only continues to grow. Because of this, the potential for making money with affiliate marketing only continues to grow as well. With this type of marketing stream, marketers are able to potentially reach buyers around the globe. The whole world can be your target audience with affiliate marketing. More and more people are gaining faith in the world of e-commerce and making more of their purchases online


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