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Siteline Cabinetry
Siteline Cabinetry

Siteline Cabinetry is less than three years old having been founded in 2015. However, the Indianapolis-based cabinet manufacturer is arguably the best cabinet maker in the U.S. today. The cabinetry maker sits on a 97,000 square-foot high-tech facility that sets the standards in cabinetry making today. Besides, Siteline is the latest cabinetry brand by the Corsi Group, a pioneer in the American cabinetry industry since 1973.

The Siteline brand is custom coupled with a pre-engineered standard. The brand doesn’t differ with the other Corsi Group brands in terms of quality. However, Siteline has a broader product offering in regards to cabinetry modifications, cosmetics, and accessories. The finishes and doors are unique for all Corsi Group brands. Siteline stands out currently for offering cabinetry that meets the unique needs of today’s homeowner.

For instance, the cabinetry has full access cabinetry featuring traditional, contemporary and transitional styles. The cabinetry is also custom featuring many pre-configurations. Furthermore, you don’t have to wait for months to get your cabinetry. Siteline understands the urgency of cabinetry jobs better than any cabinetry manufacturer today. It takes just 4-5 weeks to get your cabinetry. Here’s more on what makes Siteline Cabinetry worth it.

Special storage cabinets

For decades, cabinetry makers have been offering standard cabinets which don’t utilize space effectively and meet today’s unique storage needs. Siteline Cabinetry offers a variety of interior cabinetry accessories that allow you to optimize space. Siteline can make cabinets that allow you to store utensils like knives and spoons, pans, pots, lids, spices, as well as gadgets such as tablets and Smartphones better. You can even get special kitchen cabinetry made for storing root vegetables and bread. Siteline can build cabinets with custom spaces created with whatever you want to store in mind.

Made-to-order cabinetry

Siteline cabinets are built according to your designer specifications. Unlike most cabinetry manufacturers, Siteline doesn’t have pre-made cabinets sitting somewhere in a warehouse. Everything is made on order in less than the standard custom cabinet lead-time. The cabinetry making process starts when you submit your order. Siteline has many pre-configured choices to choose from and pre-engineered standards making the custom cabinetry making process one of the fastest (if not the fastest) in the industry. Siteline machines, finishes, assembles, packages and ships one cabinetry order at a time!


Siteline Cabinets stand out partly because of the technology that is utilized when making them. The Siteline plant utilizes Microvellum software, the best design software for manufacturing solutions in the cabinetry, commercial casework, and interior design industries. The software works alongside Siteline’s ERP system.

Designers can use various software channels to order. The channels all flow into the Corsi EPR system before flowing to the Microvellum software for parts configuration before moving to purchasing, production, planning, invoicing and delivery phases.

The high-tech design process allows Siteline to design unmatched cabinetry. For instance, Microvellum software allows all cabinetry components to be resized in real-time as they are being designed. This allows faster and better cabinet design processes.

Siteline has invested heavily in the best cabinetry making equipment. The equipment lineup includes but isn’t limited to the Holzma HPP250 panel saw, Weeke vertical machining center and the Weeke Vantech 510 nested based CNC router. Siteline also has a zero edge technology Brandt Ambition 1440 Airtech edge bander that creates the most durable and aesthetically-pleasing edges on cabinets. Siteline Cabinetry features laser quality finishes because of this equipment.

Siteline has also invested in the best sanders i.e., a QuickWood System denibbing 1100 sander which removes stubborn sharp edges on cabinetry making it easy to finish. The resulting cabinetry features a microscopic radius on all edges improving the overall look and durability of painted cabinets.

Material/finish variety

Siteline has over 289 material and finishes to choose from. Materials range from solid hardwoods, domestic and reconstituted veneers to particleboard, plywood, polyester wrap, MDF, TFL, 3DL and much more.

There are many standard stains finishes available for every wood species. Siteline also offers over 40 base paint colors sourced from the best sellers creating over 130 color choices including glazes. Finished cabinets are inspected in a finishing area featuring color rendition bulbs and easels to ensure color consistency.

There is no cabinetry material/finish that Siteline doesn’t offer including large superfici finishing lines for clear and enamel coats. Siteline finishing lines allow superior finishes at a bargain by controlling airflow in a more fuel efficient way. Siteline also has a vertical oven that offers unmatched flexibility to make cabinetry featuring all kinds of coatings.

Finished cabinets pass from a spray section onto a conveyor before moving to an oven tray and a sequence of high and low-temperature sections. Siteline cabinets are finished in two booths used for one-time and special coloring. Remakes or short runs are finished in auxiliary booths. Cabinets are assembled from finished parts. Siteline has two large clamps for assembly as well as a packaging machine.

Door styles

Siteline Cabinetry has over 50 cabinet door styles currently featuring all kinds of materials, designs, and finishes. You can get cabinetry featuring one or multiple materials fused together. Material offerings range from hardwoods to metals like stainless steel, aluminum, and platinum.

Digital offering

Siteline also stands out from typical cabinetry makers because of their completely-digital offering. Siteline is keen on how consumers and designers search for products today. Siteline is Corsi’s first cabinetry brand without a traditional/printed product manual. Siteline’s website is a hybrid of what today’s consumer likes to see as well as what designers need to see. You can visit Siteline’s official website: to view cabinetry brochures. You can also contact Siteline, place orders or special requests via their website.

Highly trained, skilled and experienced staff

Siteline is also able to make the best full access cabinetry because of their staff. The company invests heavily in internal and external training programs to ensure their staff meets the highest cabinetry standards possible. Internal training programs train new and existing staff as Siteline expands operations/capacity. External training programs educate cabinet designers on Siteline’s capabilities. The company doesn’t just work with the best cabinetry experts but also invests in them constantly to ensure they remain competitive.


Siteline Cabinetry is definitely worth the investment. The cabinetry maker is focusing on a market segment that is currently underserved. If you want custom, high-quality but affordable full-access cabinetry for your kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, office, etc., consider Siteline cabinets. The cabinets are made by the best cabinetry experts using the best cabinetry technology today. The cabinets also have an impressive lead-time of four weeks. You also get an opportunity to get custom cabinets that match your needs perfectly. Last but not least, there is a variety to choose from, and the ordering process is fast and simple.

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