Slice Pie Example Reviews – Top Tips!

Slice Pie Example Reviews

When you first join Slice The Pie it can be quite hard to think about what to write. After all we are not all music producers so everyone needs a few tips. We put together a few examples for you! Below you will see some samples of reviews which hopefully will inspire you;

Example 1 – A Great Review

Instrumentally, the track has a wealthy, full accompaniment that will complement the vocal track flawlessly. The track is fantastic and an overall performance with a beat which is powerful and tuneful. The artist has a beautiful singing tone, and applies real feeling in to the lyrics. The lyrics are fascinating and purposeful along with a number of punchy phrases. Excellent electric guitar solo too, despite the fact that I think a grittier tone would suit the dark mood of the song better. The performance quality is high throughout, both vocally and instrumentally. All in all, the song is distinctive and unique, and I do think it has potential to be a huge hit.

Example 2 – A Neutral Review

The vocal are great and fits the overall theme of the song, however the intro is a bit to cluttered with the bass and guitar being too powerful. This leads to the whole introduction seeming overpowered somehow. The lyrics are beautiful and tempo and timing of the piece is spot on. The overall emotion of the song definitely does not lack conviction – felt the power and emotions in this melody. All in all this is a wonderful track however there were times when it seemed to cluttered and certain aspects were too overpowering.

Example 3 – A Bad Review

This particular tune did not do great with me. The intro was very long winded and noisy. The mixture of uninspired snaring and uncompleted lyrics and plain drumming gave the impression of teenage kids messing around in a basement somewhere. The overall message of the lyrics was scattered and organised. In its present condition I do not feel this song has much value and needs work, more or less be rewritten.

Slice Pie Example Reviews

What Words To Use?

When you write your thoughts down it can be tricky to think of descriptive words. So, with this in mind we suggest you get familiar with the online thesaurus over at

This is a magical place where you can type in any word and the search engine will give you all other words which have the same or roughly the same meaning, not to mention the words which mean the exact opposite!

So, for example if you type in “beautiful” into the search engine within the thesaurus homepage then you instantly get words like;

  • alluring
  • appealing
  • charming
  • dazzling
  • delightful

Right off the bat you have a whole host of words you can pick and choose from which makes your life easy. The best bit is that this is a great brain teaser and once you learn some of these words the whole process becomes a lot easier, and you learn a lot of new words!

slice the pie

How To Structure The Reviews?

The important thing to remember is that you are getting paid to write these reviews at Slice The Pie, which means they are looking for a descriptive and informative review.

They do not want short, simple replies. This means you need to have a little think about how to structure it.

Try and break the song you are listening to intro three chunks like “intro, lyrics, theme” or Intro, middle and end”. Obviously you need to mix it up a bit and naturally it depends on the song or tune itself.

Structure Example;

theme – this track has very dark theme which I think will appeal to teenagers. The overall tone gives and impression of aggressiveness and anger which would be beneficial to people who are working out in gym or angry teenagers.

lyrics – the lyrics I find are a bit mumbled and hard to understand. The words I do understand are funny, emotional and I think people will connect with the singer and feel his anger. All in all the lyrics are crisps and original

instrumental – the bass and electric guitar are smooth and fitting throughout this track. The drums however sometimes seem to overpower the singer and keyboard. Regardless the whole arrangements complement each other and work really well with lyrics and theme.

Slice Pie Example Reviews

At the end of the day there is no right or wrong structure or wording to these reviews. All you have to remember is the fact that you need to give meaningful and thoughtful comments. This is the only way you will get anywhere with this service.

With a little bit of practice, patience and a little bit of time digging through the Thesaurus, you will soon be enjoying the pleasure of giving your opinion to artists all over the world!

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