Snapchat’s New Way For Brands To Create Awareness And Engagement

Snapchat’s augmented reality filter of a smiling, dancing hot dog went viral in a big way. Two million people viewed the hot dog, making him an instant sensation. Seeing how their users loved the idea, Snapchat decided to allow advertisers to use 3-D World Lenses to promote products.

First, it was face filters, which were popular, and then in April, 3D Lenses were introduced. Snapchat’s 3-D World Lenses are the latest marketing method; users embed a brand’s 3D image into their pictures with augmented reality, making it easier than ever for marketers to reach them. Every brand can have their product or mascot into the user’s real world; Snapchat also suggests that brands can offer virtual showrooming by placing an object, such as a television, into the user’s living room to see how it would fit in with their other furniture.

Warner Bros. is going to promote their movie Blade Runner 2043 film Blade Runner 2043 with a flying car and Bud Light will feature a concession vendor passing out beers in the new ad format. More brands are expected to follow their lead and market to Snapchat’s users with augmented reality lenses.

Advertisers can choose to be in the gallery of lenses as part of the traditional Sponsored Lens campaigns or the can attach a 3-D World Lens to a Snap Ad. Advertisers using sponsored 3-D World Lenses can discover their reach and engagement through Snapchat’s metrics.

Approximately 166 million people use Snapchat daily, spending more than 30 minutes on the app at a time. Roughly, 70 percent of Snapchat’s users are females under age 34. About one-third of Snapchat’s daily users browse through the lens gallery.

Marketers are using augmented reality outside of Snapchat; a watch company has an augmented reality app for trying on watches virtually. Ikea lets consumers see how a piece of their furniture would look in their home. The possibilities for advertisers and marketers are endless.

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