Some Of The Top Hotels Are Gaining Sales From SEO

Top hotels are utilizing SEO strategies in order to rake in more sales and they are quite successful at it. Marriott and Wyndham, in particular, are seeing a huge boost in sales due to the traffic coming in from Google and Bing. In comparison to last year, Marriott sales from search engine visits are up by 26.3%. Wyndham also is seeing a significant boost at 6.76%.

They are not the only hotels benefiting from advanced SEO strategies. The majority of the top ten hotels are employing SEO strategies to increase their sales. Looking at searches for hotels in your desired destination, you may see top spots for Hilton Hotels, Choice Hotels, Starwood and other brands. This is because they are employing SEO strategies to make their brands dominate the top of search engine results. Overall, Hilton is dominating the top of the search engine results for hotel-related queries. Marriott is in second place when it comes to search engine domination.5

When it comes to bookings from direct traffic, brands like Hilton, Choice Hotels, and Hyatt have made significant gains. Brand recognition is like one of the biggest factors when it comes to increased direct traffic. Best Western, Sheraton and InterContinental are severely declining when it comes to bookings from direct traffic.

Travel agencies and online booking utilities are also seeing gains using search engine strategies. Expedia, one of the most used hotel and flight booking utility, has seen a 28% gain in search engine conversion compare to last year. is another site that is gaining in search engine results at 19% in increased conversions so far. The famous Priceline that had featured William Shatner in most of their commercials is up 16%. Unfortunately, some of the other travel agencies are seeing significant losses as the online market is getting rather competitive. A site like Travelocity, Orbitz and Hotwire are seeing fewer conversions this year.

Thanks to the analytics of Hitwise, we may now visualize the top 15 hotel brands that customers prefer. Even though their online presence is not the greatest, Hilton has the largest market share amongst customers at a little over 10%. Marriott is right on the tail of Hilton at only a fraction of a percent lower. At 9.9%, Best Western is holding strong at the top of the list even though they haven’t employed SEO strategies. Towards the lower end of the top hotels is Comfort Inn at 7% of the market share.

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