Sports Arbitrage Trader – Does It Work? Honest Review!

UPDATE – March 2017

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While for some people being a sports arbitrage trader is a whole new concept, it is a popular investment for others. It involves betting on sports but unlike the ordinary scenario where you can either win or lose depending on the outcome, here you win regardless of the outcome.

However, you need a reliable and efficient arbitrage betting software and RebelBetting remains one of the best in the market thus far. What sets RebelBetting apart?

Arbitrage Betting With Vast Convenient Features

With RebelBetting, you are guaranteed of ROI for all your bets with numerous opportunities available every day.

However, RebelBetting goes an extra step to provide a host of convenient features to make arbitrage betting even easier for the average sports arbitrage trader. These include:

Auto-login and auto-surf features

Experienced arbitrage traders will tell you that while there may be hundreds of opportunities available every day, they all last a few minutes before expiring. To this end, time is one of the essential assets for arbitrage traders and finding opportunities and placing bets in time is essential. However, this can be quite hard considering all the bookmakers around, and the numerous odds given on each game.

In addition to displaying all the available arbitrage opportunities, RebelBetting also allows you to access the bookie accounts, log in, and navigate to the specific page offering the bet automatically – from here, all you have to do is place the wager and click on bet. This allows you to place the bet in seconds, ensuring you take advantage of more arbitrage opportunities.


As mentioned, the RebelBetting software automatically logs you into the bookmakers supporting the different arbitrages in order to save time. For the conscious sports arbitrage trader, this can be a cause for concern, as the login details to different bookmakers are very important.

However, unlike websites that save such details on servers, RebelBetting encrypts these details in your personal computer, making them accessible only to you. This ensures your bets, as well as your information, are secured to give you the peace of mind to bet confidently.


The RebelBetting software also comes with numerous filters to make your search for your preferred arbitrages easier and faster. Some of the filters include minimum and maximum profit, arbitrage time and duration, sport, bookmaker, and rules compatibility among others. What’s more, there is a reliability filter than takes into account aspects such as the duration of the arbitrage, its percentage, and the names on different bookmakers for surety when placing bets.


Arbitrage opportunities are always showing up day and night, but it is impossible even for the best sports arbitrage trader to spot them all. To counter this inconvenience, RebelBetting has an alarm feature that notifies you of your preferred arbitrages immediately they arise. This alarm can be either audio to get your attention through sound or visual where pop-ups shown on the computer screen.

Numerous supported bookmakers and sports

RebelBetting currently supports 52 bookmakers and is constantly adding to the list. What’s more, these bookmakers are among the few considered competent and efficient, making them ideal for everyone seeking to place a sure bet without worrying about complications with the bookmaker.

Some of the supported bookmakers include Pinnacle Sports, 10Bet, 138, 188bet, Betdaq, Betfair, Coral, Ladbrokers, Marathonbet, Bwin, and SBObet, just to mention a few.

Additionally, it supports a wide range of sports, including tennis, football, baseball, ice hockey, basketball, American football, rugby league, rugby union, and Aussie rules.

Flexibility in pricing

One of the most popular features of RebelBetting is that you can get instant access to arbitrage opportunities with a profit potential of under 0.6% at any time. What’s more, new users can explore all the features and benefits of the software for the first 7 days at a small cost of €9 before deciding whether to commit more money or not.

Additionally, there are several pricing plans all designed to suit different users. These are €129 per month, €89 per month when paying for 6 months upfront, and €69 per month when paying for one year. This allows different users with different financial capabilities harness the benefits of the arbitrage betting software and increase their resources.

A typical sports arbitrage bet on RebelBetting

While it is possible to come across arbitrage opportunities with a high ROI percentage at times, most of the opportunities that arise have a relatively low percentage range of 5% to 10%. As such, it is only necessary to commit a high investment to increase your returns – in this case, an investment of $10,000 is used with two different bookmakers.

An arbitrage opportunity occurs on Rebelbetting where Marathonbet is offering odds of 1.360 and Stan James odds of 5.5. Wagering $198.25 on Stan James and $801.75 on Marathon bet will give you a profit of $90.38 no matter the outcome. How?

• If the wager placed with Stan James wins, you stand to earn $1090.38 but lose the $801.75 placed with Marathonbet.

• If the wager placed with Marathonbet wins, you stand to make $1090.38 but lose the $198.25 placed with Stan James.

You get to make $90.38 either way.

Using RebelBetting sports arbitrage software

The RebelBetting software is quite neat and decent, and most people get used to it by the time they place several bets. What’s more, users get a free e-book to take them through the whole concept of arbitrage betting and how to become a sports arbitrage trader with RebelBetting.

Once logged in, the interface presents a list of all the available arbitrage opportunities with a blue “Play” tab beside each arbitrage. When you have determined the arbitrage you wish to use, all you have to do is click on the blue icon and the software will automatically redirect you to a betting browser and log you into the selected bookmakers. After this, all you have to do is place a wager with each bookmaker, click bet, and wait for the outcome, whichever it may be, to collect your money.

You can download the RebelBetting software for free and even proceed to test it and see whether it is as good as claimed, thanks to the 7 day trial period. The software is compatible with Windows and Mac.


RebelBetting makes sports arbitrage trading easy and sure, offering an opportunity for experienced professionals, as well as newbies. You do not have to take a risk, simply take the 7-day trial period and determine whether it is as good as users claim.

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    • Thank you very much Travis! Yeah, arbitrage betting is a fantastic way to make money. Especially with this trader as it is so efficient and reliable. 🙂 Appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment!

    • Hey Keye! Yeah you definitely should! Don’t be shy so if you need help then I am here. 🙂 Using sports arbitrage betting is a genius way to make money online.

    • This is incredibly hard to answer as it depends on your patience level and your understanding of the market. However, if you have that kind fo money then investing in your own website would be much more lucrative in the long run.

      Places like Rebel Betting are losing their grip as bookmakers are cracking down on betting systems like this.

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