Stream Energy: The Increasing Demand for Clean Energy

As the Demand for Renewable Energy, Stream Energy Steps In

The coal industry has always been strongly influenced by supply and demand concerning consumer needs around the globe. While coal has been a valuable resource for energy production over the past decades, we are seeing a huge decline in its use for this purpose today. With more people than ever before concerned about the fate of our planet, we see a marked increase in the demand for clean energy sources. The following paragraphs touch on some of the reasons for the changes we are seeing take place today concerning the best ways to meet the world’s energy needs.


The Current Coal Situation in the US


In the last ten years, the use of coal as an energy source has steadily begun to decline as renewable energy companies like Stream Energy rise. Last year alone, coal consumption lessened by an enormous fifteen percent. This reduction has been large enough to completely shut down some of the world’s largest coal companies, resulting in a sudden decline in available jobs within this industry. From the current perspective, this trend will continue in the same light as we have seen over the past decade. As more Americans express concern over preserving the earth’s natural resources, we can expect to see the use of coal, as an effective energy source, continue to decline.


Surge in the Demand for Renewable Energy Resources


One of the main issues in the past with renewable energy sources involved the massive cost in utilizing them on a large enough scale to have an impact on the carbon footprint most of us leave behind. However, thanks to huge advances in technology, more companies, such as Dallas-based Stream Energy, have been able to determine ways to make the cost involved in producing energy from renewable resources much lower. To give a great example of this concept, consider how expensive electric cars were when they were first developed. While the concept of an energy efficient vehicle was well received overall, not many people could afford the huge expense involved in both the purchase and continual upkeep of one. With a continued onslaught of technological advances in this area, the price of purchasing and maintaining an electric vehicle has gone down dramatically.

More Americans than ever before have become truly enlightened about the degree to which our past use of materials such as coal have damaged the natural resources we all rely upon so heavily. As with most other forms of consumerism, the energy production field operates on a supply and demand basis. As a larger percentage of the overall population express a strong desire to own and operate possessions that use a clean energy source, the price of providing this option will continue to decrease. In fact, some other countries have already set government policies in place to lower greenhouse gas emissions and to attempt to improve the air quality in these areas.


An Increased Interest in Wind and Solar Power

The concept of harnessing the power that nature itself can provide is not new by any means. As stated earlier, the cost involved in using natural and renewable resources such as the wind and the sun was simply too great in the past to allow this to be a universal option for energy production. Thanks to an increasing interest in and demand for clean energy, this is now changing. Stream Energy, in particular, has been really led the forefront for this change (

Statistics from the well-known oil company BP indicate that the use of solar power increased by almost 30% in the last calendar year alone. Alternatively, the use of wind power increased by a little over 15% in the same timeframe. The strong rate of growth seen over just the last year demonstrates the potential that lies within just these two most common renewable resources. As demand for clean energy continues to rise, we will see constant advances and new developments that will allow this energy production to be performed in a cost-effective manner.


Utilizing a Hybrid Renewable Energy Source


One of the largest issues with using solar power on a global scale is the fact that the sun is only visible during the day. Channeling the sun’s rays in order to produce energy at night is not possible. By a similar token, what happens in parts of the world such as Alaska where the rays of the sun are not visible for months at a time? According to researchers in the area of renewable energy, this is where a hybrid blend of both solar, water, and wind energy could come in very handy. Since these natural weather conditions vary so much in different areas of the world, harnessing the power from multiple natural sources and using them together could be a viable option in the coming years.

Using multiple sources of renewable energy resources from different areas of the world serves another important purpose as well. The combined forces of these various types of natural weather-related phenomenon can serve to save a lot of money on the expense involved in setting up global grid connections for the mass production of clean energy. As has already been alluded to, every step that lowers the cost involved in making clean energy available on a mass scale only drives the demand for this type of energy that much deeper.


A Renewable Energy Provider


Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, Stream Energy provides a relatively new concept in the growth of clean energy resources throughout the country. In a world where direct selling companies abound, Stream Energy decided to be among the first of its kind in terms of developing a direct selling company centered around energy. Stream Energy currently serves Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Maryland, Washington DC, New York, and New Jersey. Current customers can earn active income by simply referring friends and family to get their own energy needs met through the provisions that Stream Energy offers.

As their company has continued to experience growth in terms of providing for the energy needs of its customers, Stream Energy has now branched out to offer wireless services and other home protection offerings in addition to supplying energy for a number of people across the US. These combined services have allowed Stream Energy consumers to experience life in a more connected manner while striving to achieve the goal of making clean energy available and affordable on a larger scale.

As technological advances continue to influence the cost of providing clean energy options in a positive manner, we can expect to see rapid growth in these sectors as well as a continual decline in the reliance on coal (DallasNews). These changes won’t just impact the United States. Since other countries such as China produce some of the largest amounts of coal for the purpose of energy consumption, it stands to reason that the economy in these regions will be drastically affected by these continued changes. With concerted effort combined with a decreased cost and growing demand for clean energy, it will become possible to see a global expansion toward this lofty goal in the coming decades.

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