Talented Entrepreneur Omar Yunes Wins Franchisee Award in Italy

Omar Yunes’ entrepreneurial career has helped make sushi popular in multiple Mexican cities. He opened his first eatery shortly after reaching adulthood. Yunes worked to expand his business assets until they included 13 sushi restaurants in Veracruz, Mexico City and Puebla. They operate under the Sushi Itto franchise. This moderately large chain offers Japanese cuisine throughout Mexico and neighboring countries, such as Panama and Nicaragua. Yunes runs about one out of every 10 Sushi Itto restaurants. He recently succeeded in winning a Best Franchisee in the World award.

How Yunes Earned This Distinction

The BFW award showcases a franchisee’s significant impact on his or her chain and the entire industry. Business operators have a better chance of winning if they find new ways to cut expenses and motivate staff members. This award also highlights a franchisee’s ability to benefit the whole chain by introducing innovative strategies and techniques that fellow managers can apply. One of the BFW’s organizers predicted that Yunes’ business model could significantly change the standard franchisor-franchisee relationship.

Yunes Thanks His Staff and Sushi Itto

The skillful Mexican entrepreneur gracefully accepted this award. He credited restaurant employees and the Sushi Itto franchise for his prosperity. Yunes noted that his workers have maintained a high level of quality and the chain has allowed him to experiment with innovative new techniques. Sushi Itto’s top executive also commented on the award. He praised the winner’s business model, saying that it had succeeded in producing delicious food and top-notch service.

How Does the BFW Competition Work?

Best Franchisee of the World began the process by holding regional competitions in nations around the world. Omar Yunes participated and became one of two finalists from Mexico. During December, BFW held its yearly global event in Italy. Yunes traveled to Florence and took part alongside franchisees from 33 other nations. He faced competitors from France, Portugal, Hungary, Italy, Brazil and Argentina. Each year, the event’s organizers strive to select a winner who delivers excellent customer service while upholding positive values.

Enhancing the Prestige of Mexico

The BFW award has helped create beneficial publicity for Mexico and its restaurant industry. It gave the world’s media an opportunity to cover a favorable news story about the country. This award highlighted the fact that a Mexican entrepreneur can surpass fellow franchisees from numerous European and South American nations. The news of Yunes’ victory has the potential to draw additional franchisors, investors and tourists to Mexico.

Attracting Real Estate Buyers

Positive headlines about a country can make it more appealing to people who buy residential or commercial real estate. The prestigious BFW award reflects the stability and innovative nature of Mexico’s economy. Sushi Itto has restaurant locations near Cozumel, including an eatery in Playa del Carmen. Cozumel has become increasingly attractive to divers and winter vacationers from Mexico, Canada and the United States. The demand for this island’s real estate has steadily increased since 2016.

When people consider Cozumel’s impressive home values, it’s not surprising that comparatively upscale products like sushi can attract numerous customers in Mexico. Most houses cost at least $1.1 million, and many condominiums sell for $285,000 to $600,000. Palm trees and other eye-catching tropical plants surround these opulent homes. Warm beaches consistently draw travelers to the area. This island also features a seaport and airport. Positive developments in Mexico’s economy help to make it an inviting destination.

Overall Impact of the Award

Omar’s BFW award provides valuable lessons to fellow franchisees. It shows that operators can benefit from compensating staff members in a way that encourages them to achieve a company’s core objectives. Both franchisees and franchisors become more successful when they prioritize flexibility, independence and innovation. The award inspires Mexico’s entrepreneurs to expand their businesses and boldly introduce unfamiliar products or services. It also boosts confidence in the Mexican restaurant industry.



About Entrepreneur Omar Yunes

Omar Yunes lives in Mexico City. Sushi Itto welcomed him as a franchisee when he was only 21 years old. Today, he manages approximately 400 staff members. Yunes believes that he has achieved success by communicating clearly and paying employees well. He also points to the importance of establishing a network of business acquaintances as quickly as possible. The entrepreneur’s skills range from management to investing. Yunes frequently enjoys watching football as well. He supports the FC Barcelona and Pumas de la UNAM teams.

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