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The chief executive and founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, recently authored an exclusive article that the MarTech Advisor placed on its homepage. This well-known publication asked him to write the piece fewer than 10 months after it accepted one of his articles for the first time. More than 1 million marketing experts subscribe to the MarTech Advisor, and they frequently share its information with peers. The featured article discusses new video-based promotion tactics that became popular last year. Reina also predicted how these trends would affect internet marketing during the rest of 2017.

Overview of Bob Reina and Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion’s CEO focuses on the tremendous benefits of using video to tell people about goods and services. He writes that it isn’t merely an appealing option. Reina describes video promotion as the most desirable method currently available to marketers. The internet advertising guru goes on to mention statistics revealing that many businesses had never used video-based ads until 2016.

He highlights several popular, effective techniques, such as streaming live footage and telling memorable stories. Reina points to 360-degree recording as another noteworthy trend. It lets people adjust the viewing angle while they watch. The Talk Fusion founder notes that this format typically boosts the audience size by more than one-quarter and convinces users to view longer recordings. He emphasizes the importance of email-based videos as well.


In addition to its website, the MarTech Advisor disseminated this insightful piece via a newsletter with 1.1 million readers. Reina expressed satisfaction regarding the opportunity to write for the MarTech Advisor and help marketers recognize the value of video content. The publication has also posted his articles on auto-responders and the benefits of using videos to engage customers.

Company Details

Talk Fusion began serving online marketers in 2007. It became the first company to offer a video advertising system that includes all of the necessary products and services. This solution reliably boosts revenue by enabling businesses to attract new and repeat customers with captivating messages. The firm provides a free trial without demanding a credit card number. Its distributors sell sophisticated marketing tools to advertisers in countries around the globe. They achieve particularly impressive sales figures in the United States, Germany, Romania, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic.

This firm has earned a reputation as a responsible company that treats people well. Distributors needn’t wait days, weeks or months to receive commission payments. Talk Fusion immediately compensates them on the day when a sale occurs. The business also strives to assist a wide range of charitable groups. For instance, it lets associates select appealing nonprofits and give away high-end TF accounts. This program allows many charities to use customized video promotion and communication services for free. The company and its CEO donate generously to disaster relief and animal welfare organizations as well.

About Bob Reina

Talk Fusion’s humorous founder started his career by working part time while studying at a Florida university. He graduated and became a patrolman after attending the nearest police academy. However, Reina also enjoyed direct marketing and sought to supplement his income with sales commissions. Despite his family’s opposition, he eventually left the police force and concentrated on selling various products. Reina became quite successful while promoting the services of firms like Travel Reaction, Formula 1 and Alliance USA. He worked in the network marketing field for more than a decade and founded a business known as Cash Card Worldwide.

Bob Reina conceived an especially valuable new idea in 2004. The sales expert recorded a brief video while looking at a home that he wanted to buy. When he logged into an AOL account and tried to send the footage to family members via email, an error message appeared. Reina realized that he could benefit from creating a system that makes it easy to integrate email and video. After they discussed the idea, a friend named Jonathan Chen helped him accomplish this complex task. Reina decided to use network marketing to promote the service. He called the new company Talk Fusion; its Video Email product has achieved great success in the past decade.

The story of Talk Fusion shows that a determined person can become wealthy while helping others if he or she combines proven marketing strategies with timely, innovative ideas. Reina’s article no longer appears on the MarTech Advisor homepage, but anyone may find it by searching for “Bob Reina MarTech Advisor video advertising trends” on Google. He also writes for Home Business Magazine and The Huffington Post. To read more about his video-oriented products and distribution opportunities, visit the Talk Fusion website.

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