The Best Low Cost Digital Marketing Channels For Startups

Startups that want to market their business face a dilemma; which marketing channels will give them the best return on their investment? Startups cannot use every marketing channel with their limited resources, so they must decide where to focus their efforts.


While optimal marketing channels vary by industry, SEO is a marketing strategy that every business in all industries should focus on first. Websites and press releases announcing your startup should be SEO-friendly so consumers that are interested in a product or service can discover your company with a Google search.

Press Releases

Public relations comes next, it is something that every startup should focus on at first. PR overlaps with other marketing channels, however, PR firms charge hefty monthly fees. Startups can do much of the work themselves and save thousands of dollars each month. PR distribution websites offer information about how to create a great press release or startups can pay a writer who specializes in composing SEO-friendly press releases.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the best ways to get the word out about new products. Search YouTube for people that review items in your industry and who have a large number of subscribers. Often, they will review your product if you give them a free one to keep. Beware, the review will be honest and this tactic could backfire if your product is low quality.

Create a YouTube channel for your startup and post at least one video that explains what your product is, how it works and then, how to buy it. Place the video on your website as well.

Social Media

Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform; B2C companies need a presence there. Create posts and then have everyone that you know become a fan and share one of your posts, ideally an infographic or a video, with their followers. There are plenty of free tools online to help you build an infographic and tutorials on how to create YouTube videos that people want to share.

These channels build brand awareness, which startups need to succeed. Later, you will add marketing channels for lead generation, sales and customer retention.

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