The Importance of Curating Original, Engaging Content for Digital Marketing Efforts

Computers are found in practically every household in the United States of America, with few exceptions. Even families that don’t own computers often invest in tablets or smartphones, all of which seamlessly access the Internet. It seems like most coffeeshops, fast food restaurants, parks, and everywhere else in modern-day society offers free, wireless Internet connectivity.

Because browsing the Internet is so common today, many people end up browsing the world wide web with consistency, opting to keep up with friends via social media, find answers to questions using search engines, and look at restaurant menus from pictures found online. With so much content available online, constantly curating original, engaging content is essential to business success. Let’s peer into why recycling old content isn’t ideal, and the most important benefits of optimal content creation.

Why not engage in digital advertisements?

Most every business benefits more from digital marketing than its outdated counterpart, which includes television commercials and newspaper promos. Creating content requires in-depth thought, rather than crafting advertisements that simply draw the attention of Internet users. The creation of quality content also requires more labor hours, browsing the web to check for similar content already in circulation, and market research to find what types of content your ideal, average customer will enjoy consuming.

Research from IPG Media Lab suggests that branded content – one example of which is an infographic that informs consumers of something they can use to solve a problem, that includes your business’ logo in plain site – is more than twice as likely to be remembered by readers than regular digital advertisements, ranging from PPC ads to banners popping up on YouTube videos. With such staunch competition existing on the Internet, it’s vital for your content to stick out among the crowd.

Consistently purveying interesting content builds loyalty

When people are exposed to something on a consistent basis, over long periods of time, they’re obviously more likely to recall it than content they’ve only seen a few times – perhaps many times, just not regularly. Content related to your products, store location, and overall brand image will unarguably build loyalty, as consumers can’t argue with running into helpful information, for free.

It boosts credibility

Many businesses opt for sales-y language, encouraging readers to think their only objective is to sell products and services. Conversely, genuinely useful content spurs consumers to think highly of the businesses that sponsor them.

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