The Success of NewsWatch TV’s ProCamera Review Campaign

ProCamera is an app that is fairly easy to operate and grants users limitless control of a professional camera. It’s advanced features and intuitive interface facilitate the capturing of high-quality images. A number of control users are able to achieve with the App can be compared to that of advanced DSLR cameras with full manual and semi-automatic controls.

NewsWatch was hired by ProCamera to produce and air a segment on ProCamera App on their nationwide TV show. The main aim of this marketing strategy was to reach as many potential mobile app consumers in the U.S.A as possible. Consequentially, the segment was aired in almost all the NewsWatch broadcasting platforms such as the national television show, DirecTV, and online channels.

The ProCamera App experienced immediate success from the campaigns it had conducted with NewsWatch. During the campaign period, which lasted for almost a month, the app’s ranking, download rates, and reviews received a significant boost. Over 95 million households had been reached within the United States by the end of the campaign. ProCamera skipped 800 spots on the iTunes overall rankings to become among the best 10 ranked photo and video apps on iTunes in the U.S.A. The app was downloaded approximately 37,000 times and received at least 300 positive reviews during the month of the campaign. It also attracted the attention of the many online audiences basing on the 772,000 online impressions registered.

A Social Media Presence to Reckon With

NewsWatch has a commanding presence on the social media platforms. It has a YouTube and a Vimeo channels besides Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn, and blog sites such as the NewsWatch blog. NewsWatch started its Youtube channel in 2012, and it currently has over 4 million views.

There is a long list of celebrities who have presented on NewsWatch, a list that includes Carrie Underwood, Chris Pratt, Cee Lo Green, Jennifer Lawrence, and Julianna Moore. Famous athletes such as Joe Montana and Jerry West have also appeared on the show.

Reviews from Previous Clients

Many people continue to appreciate the positive contributions brought by NewsWatch. This article outlines some of the NewsWatch TV reviews. The first testimony was given by Avanca; an award-winning tech company who have had the experience of working with NewsWatch. With the support of the show, Avanca successfully fundraised the creation of a sister company they named Ockel. Avanca says that NewsWatch took care of all logistical expenses. They later produced a video which was used to carry out a vigorous marketing exercise. It was done both through nationwide airing and posting on social media channels.

Another NewsWatch TV review comes from SteelSeries, a famous headphone and gaming accessories manufacturing company based in Copenhagen, Denmark. The show helped them in promoting a new line of headphones and gaming controllers. NewsWatch handled all promotional video production and distribution. The video was aired both on television and on numerous NewsWatch social media channels.


NewsWatch TV show has recently won numerous prestigious awards. They have won Gold and Platinum Marcom Awards, some of the the highest awards that can be won by a television show.  Previously, the show had also won other awards such as the Silver Telly Award and Videographer Award.

What is NewsWatch?

NewsWatch is a media company founded in 1989 with its headquarters based in Fairfax, VA. It is owned and operated by Bridge Communications. NewsWatch airs on ION and AMC Networks; the show has become famously known for its unique and creatively produced contents. In addition, it has proven to be a reliable source of breaking news that concerns consumers, health, fashion, technology, entertainment, and carrying out national public awareness campaigns.

In April 2011, NewsWatch partly began to focus on the technology market with a lot more emphasis on the new consumer technologies. Ever since the television show has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies resulting in the production of quality product reviews which were later aired on TV. Some of the most recent companies include Siemens, Audi, and Sony.

NewsWatch added the AppWatch segment into the program line up in mid-2012. The segment’s content creation focused on finding and giving reviews on new and developing mobile apps for the Window, iOS, and Android devices. Andrew Tropeano hosted the segment which was aired on a weekly basis. The show played a major role in marketing and creating public awareness of the existence and usefulness of the ProCamera App.

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