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We can all agree that this week has been quite busy for digital marketers. For instance, they had to attend the Advertising Week conference and the Masters of Marketing Annual Conference. While this might have caught the attention of the digital marketing world, there were several points that emerged this week, and every digital marketer should be aware of the issues.

The talk about the Russians
Facebook recently said that it had discovered 3,000 ads that had been bought by the Russian officials to interfere with the US election. Following this discovery, they also announced that they would be handing over these ads to the Congress. True to their word, Facebook delivered the ads to the Congress and promised to cooperate with the investigation. At the same time, Facebook confessed that it would hire 1,000 people whose job will be to monitor and review the ads on its network. During the same forum, Facebook confessed that each of the ads had been seen by at least 10,000 people. The social media giant announced that 44 percent of the ads were viewed before the election while 56 percent of the ads were viewed after the November election. Facebook also revealed that 25 percent of the adds never appeared, hence were not seen by anybody. Facebook said that these posts were seen as irreverent by the company’s algorithm.

Facebook ads that are finger-powered
GIFs have emerged as the next big thing in Facebook advertisement. The new operating system from Apple known as Ios11 has a feature that is capable of turning live pictures into GIFs. This is the thinking of two companies known as BBR Saatchi & Saatchi and Carlsberg Israel. With this feature, it’s possible to play a picture on the screen by pressing the photos continuously. This is a feature that allows a 1 percent engagement of potential clients.

Digital-bashing with CMO
If there is one figure who has been inspiring and talking about digital marketing this year, its Marc Pritchard of Procter & Gamble. He talked about the importance of doing away with shady practices as well as the importance of digital media-supply chain. While addressing the Masters of Marketing Annual Conference this week in Orlando, the chief said that the work he began some eight months ago is three-quarters complete. He also addressed the challenges that come along when dealing with digital ads. For, he addressed the issue of excess frequency and how it can be wasteful.

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