Three AdWords Landing Page Optimization Techniques For Online Retailers

When you are using Google AdWords, keeping people from bouncing out of your store is vital if you hope to see a return on your search engine marketing dollars. Companies that manage AdWords accounts for their clients keep detailed records of each campaign to optimize the account. First they measure clicks, the cost of each click and then the quality score Google gives to the ads. Ad relevance, the typical clickthrough rate and how users find the landing page experience determine the quality score, which leads to a better ad placement and lower costs for you.

Your landing pages will determine the bounce rate and conversions, which effects your bottom line. Clicks do not matter unless some of the people convert into customers. A fully optimized landing page that gives consumers exactly what they want will increase your AdWords quality score as well.

Everyone knows to optimize landing pages for mobile and to match the products to the ad, however, here are three often overlooked eCommerce landing page optimization techniques that may entice more shoppers to convert:


If your landing page is a single product page, a category page or a search page, you need the page to load within three seconds. Your hosting choices, plus your shopping cart software may cause you to lose sales if they slow down your load speed.


When shoppers land on a single product landing page, discount that product until a certain date. The crossed out retail price attracts attention and the end of the sale date instills a sense of urgency.

Be Friendly

Talk to your visitors as you would if they walked into a brick and mortar store. Ask if they would like to see the additional color choices instead of saying “additional color options below.”

Anytime you make changes to the landing page, such as increasing the size of the Buy It Now button, you have to determine if this is making a difference in your conversion rate. If you keep testing, you will determine which changes make the biggest impact on your conversion rates.


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  1. Personally, I don’t waste time when I want to visit a site or make any purchase online. If I click the site or try to add some items to my cart, and the site fails to load with the speed of light, I’m done with it. Apparently, speed is a factor to consider when creating landing pages.

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