Todd Lubar: Current Trends Affecting the Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry experiences constant changes, as discussed by Todd Lubar. Professionals in the field of real estate must always be aware of the current trends affecting the business to remain successful and experience growth. The following paragraphs cover three of today’s most up and coming trends that are affecting real estate, allowing professionals to stay ahead of the game as they embrace these changes head-on.

Three Current Trends in Real Estate

To experience growth in your real estate business, you must remain aware of the current trends that are affecting the market. The following three trends are changing the face of real estate and are affecting how you may need to interact with future buyers.

* Use of Drones in Real Estate

The use of drones has increased greatly in recent years. This is especially true since the recent changes affecting their use were enacted by Federal Aviation Administration. The use of drones is already impacting the real estate industry. This impact is only expected to get much stronger over the coming years.

How are drones even used in the real estate industry? Consider the insight that a drone can offer when it comes to exploring the land that a home sits on or the more difficult parts of a home to assess. If homeowners wanted to explore hard to reach areas of a house they were interested in purchasing, they normally had to hire a third party to come in and inspect it. Even then, it can be hard to get a good look at the roof or other hard to see areas to determine the condition they are in. With the use of a drone, it becomes easy for the average individual to get a birds-eye view of every inch of a property they are considering purchasing.

* Catering to the Unique Needs of Generation Z

In previous years, real estate agents became accustomed to catering to the needs of Generation X when it came to potential home-buyers. However, Generation Z is now preparing to begin approaching the age in which they will purchase their first homes. Generation Z grew up entirely differently than past generations. This means that they have completely different goals, ambitions, and expectations regarding buying a home. If real estate agents are not familiar with the unique needs and expectations of Generation Z, they are likely to be met with frustration when they begin working with these individuals.

* Skipping the Starter Home

In past generations, young couples and small families often purchased what was known as a starter home. Due to limited finances, this starter home was often smaller or less luxurious than what the couple really needed or wanted out of a dream home. Many of today’s first-time home buyers are skipping the starter home altogether and heading straight for a more expensive property.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is a renowned businessman who currently serves as President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. Todd Lubar first entered the world of real estate in 1995. After starting off his professional career working in the world of finance, he developed an almost instant affinity for real estate. Todd Lubar’s passion is helping others find the property they need to fulfill their goals, whatever those might be.

Todd Lubar excelled in his academic career as well. After high school, he attended Syracuse University where he majored in speech communication. After graduating from Syracuse University in 1995, he accepted his first professional position with a mortgage company.  Lubar’s work within the financial field allowed him to create deep connections with real estate agents across the country, igniting his passion for this industry. Today, Todd Lubar continues to lend his expert experience to the ever-changing field of real estate.

As technology advances and a younger generation approaches the age of becoming first-time home buyers, real estate professionals are faced with the constant challenge of meeting the ever-changing needs of their clients. By keeping informed and aware of the latest trends affecting the real estate industry, these professionals will be able to provide for the unique needs of each client in the most efficient manner possible. Remaining flexible in a constantly changing field can help real estate agents to continue to grow their businesses to be even more successful as the years go by.


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