Top Digital Marketing Trends in 2018

The online business world is constantly changing. Every year, we see new trends in social media and consumer preferences. Digital marketing must adapt to the ever-changing trends in the online landscape.

According to Forbes, there are several digital marketing trends that we will see in 2018:

Big Data Processing
Big data refers to data sets that are so large that traditional data processing software cannot process them. Big data is mostly generated by large corporations and governments, and software developers are constantly in the process of creating new applications to handle this data. Right now, there are over six million developers handling big data projects. Due to machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, big data applications are growing and becoming more accessible to smaller-sized businesses.

Audio and Voice Commands
Nowadays, people are using voice-activated devices to perform their daily tasks, instead of using a visual device with physical inputs (like a computer or iPad). By relying on voice interactions, consumers will require companies to market to them through audio, not visual, advertising.

Native Advertising
Native advertising is a type of online advertising that is designed to blend in with the style of the website or platform on which it appears. Because of the more natural formatting, native ads perform much better than banner ads. Forbes expects native ads to generate at least 70% of all online ad revenue by the year 2021. In 2018, Forbes predicts that more online advertisers will use native ads and smart content to drive their sales.

Micro-moments are small moments in which a consumer uses a mobile device on the fly, in order to travel, learn something new, perform a task, or purchase an item. This coming year, the brands who learn how to capitalize on micro-moments will be the most successful, according to Forbes.

In 2018, any company that wishes to grow should utilize these marketing methods.

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