How to Turbocharge Your Website’s Traffic

The amount of traffic your website receives will directly influence its success. Whether you are selling a product, harvesting leads or simply building your business’s brand, you need people to see your site. Otherwise, you’ll struggle to achieve your goals. So, how can you increase the traffic to your website?

Install Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides insight into your website and how visitors interact with it. Using this free service, you can look for problems with your site. If a particular page has an abnormally long average view time or load time, for instance, perhaps there’s something wrong with the code. Fixing usability problems such as this is the first step towards boosting your site’s traffic.

Participate in Q&A Platforms

According to Search Engine Journal, Q&A sites like Quora and ChaCha offer an excellent source of website traffic for small businesses. To use them, find questions regarding your business or website’s niche and post a detailed response with your website’s URL included. Assuming your response is helpful and not just a plain advertisement, users who read it may follow the link to your site.

Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

Google recently confirmed that guest blogging offers little to no search engine optimization (SEO) value. In other words, your site’s search ranking won’t increase by performing guest blogging alone. This tactic can, however, increase your site’s traffic.

Guest blogging involves writing and publishing blog posts on other blogs. The publishing website typically doesn’t pay for these blog posts. Rather, they allow the blog writer to include a link to their website. Check out this Kissmetrics article for more information on how to find guest blogging opportunities in your niche.

Perform On-Page SEO

If you want to attract more organic traffic to your site, you need to perform on-page SEO. Giving each page a relevant, eye-catching title tag, for example, will encourage higher search rankings. Search engines use title tags as the titles for their search listings. As a result, they play an important role in SEO. Other forms of on-page SEO include the use of meta descriptions, optimizing site speed, using a mobile-friendly design and keyword optimization.

Content Marketing

Finally, you can turbocharge your site’s traffic using content marketing. This involves creating and sharing content designed specifically for your business’s audience. When you publish new content on your site, share it on your Facebook Page and Twitter profile.

These are just a few ways to drive more traffic to your site. Of course, you can also use paid channels like AdWords and Facebook Ads as well.

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