USHealth CEO Troy McQuagge Recognized for Excellence in Leadership

As the head of a company, there are many things that one may strive to be. One may strive to display traits such as leadership, knowledge, and wisdom. Each year, an award show is held to showcase those who exemplify these features to the highest, most impressive extent. The CEO World Awards were held this year in San Francisco on June 26th. The winners are nominated and awarded based upon nominations received from around the world. It is a good way for those in the business world to better themselves and honor those who deserve it. The honoree to whom the highest honor went this year was Troy McQuagge, CEO of USHealth Group.

McQuagge is an alum of the University of Central Florida and has been in the insurance industry for thirty-four years. As mentioned previously, Troy McQuagge holds the title of CEO and president of USHealth Group. USHealth is a Fort Worth, Texas based insurance company which specializes in the insuring of small businesses and self-employed persons. USHealth prides themselves on taking into account the necessities of each individual client and their unique situation.

They are able to provide unique ideas that differ to those of other insurance companies. Founded in 1982, the company has always considered employee leadership as an important facet to their business model. They have provided different and innovative answers to questions that other insurance companies may not be able to offer. They provide a personal touch with easily customizable plans that can cater to those who may struggle finding the proper plan elsewhere. McQuagge joined the team in 2010 and was named CEO and president only four years later. The past five years have shown their highest sales trajectory and profits thus far.

The company is now ten times larger than when he was first hired. The share prices have risen 1,540% since then as well, showing the strong and successful influence of Mr. McQuagge. McQuagge had these words to say about receiving the award, “It’s an honor to be named a winner through CEO global Awards for this esteemed industry and peer reputation. even though my call seems on it, the reality is this award is a testimony to the dedication of every USHEALTH worker and agent to gain excellence in the whole lot we do. Our products offer first rate value to our customers and a awesome possibility for our captive profession sellers. I’m privileged to be associated with this type of incredible organization.”

Troy shows fierce dedication to USHealth group and this is just another reason he is so fitting for the title of CEO of the Year. He shows all CEOs the traits and work required to achieve the best of their abilities. Working for a company like USHealth Group has allowed someone like McQuagge to reach his full potential and take the company along with him. This is the exact reason an award show like this exists. Using the power of inspiration, The Ceo World Awards can show other CEOs how to improve their businesses and own careers. Giving the proper acknowledgements may also act as an incentive to those wishing to achieve the same level of honor and success.

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