Video Ad Option Coming To LinkedIn

LinkedIn is finally coming out with embedded video ads for advertisers. The way the ads will be implemented will be embedding the ads as standalone posts instead of having them in the sidebar or such in between content. It still remains to be seen if LinkedIn will be making other types of video ad implementations in the near future.

Video Demand Is Growing

In general, the thirst for video content is growing on the internet, especially as mobile devices and internet connections are getting better. LinkedIn is also getting into the video market and users are being very receptive. Because of this, Linked in and other websites are implementing video advertisements. Video content also gets more shares than any other type of content and conversion rates are higher.

Microsoft is looking to expand ad revenue
18% of LinkedIn’s income is made up of video advertising, which is rather astonishing for a company that is competitive with other social media giants. For this reason, there is a lot of room for growth in this sector and Microsoft is pushing to increase ad revenues using video advertisements. The total amount of ad revenue is now $175 million and a total revenue of $623 million.

Premium subscription alone make up 20% of the company’s revenue, which dominates over ad revenue. Recruiters and large corporations in particular choose the premium subscription plans while most regular users opt for the free version. Optimizing ad revenue will create an avenue to make money off of these free users.

About The Company

LinkedIn is a social media website based around business and is typically used as an open resume to be seen by potential employers. Many Employers choose to make paid job listings and this contributes as one of the biggest sources of income for them.

It was started in 2002 as a small project by Reid Hoffman. The website took off in the professional world and large companies have taken an interest into it. Companies like TiVo, PayPal and Electronic Arts have had stakes in the company and even utilized it to recruit talent for their own projects.

The company was eventually acquired by Microsoft for a hefty sum and the website has gone through some amazing changes that transformed the community. Users may also submit blog posts to increase interaction and to add to their own portfolios to increase their chances of landing a cool job.

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