Waiakea Water’s Fully Degradable Water Bottle Raising the Bar

The competition in the bottled water industry is fierce to say the least, and most of the water bottling companies will try to make their bottle stand out or use clever marketing ploys to get an edge. Those efforts are usually short-lived, evident by how Waiakea Water continues to separate themselves from all the other bottled water companies in this very competitive niche. Waiakea Inc. was founded in 2012, and gained notoriety in recent years with their award-winning Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water, but that success has only lead to efforts to improve on past successes.

Today, Waiakea Water is poised to be the first bottled water manufacturer that will be using a fully degradable water bottle in the hopes the rest of the industry makes changes as well.

The Need for a Better Water Bottle

Waiakea Water is Striving to Find Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Traditional Methods Adopted by Bottled Water Companies

Most water bottling manufacturers have a few options when they need to gain an edge over the competition. These plastic bottle companies will either lower their prices or change the design of the bottle and add some clever descriptions to the bottle, but nothing is really changing. At Waiakea Water, the company is driven by environmental initiatives that have nothing to do with competition and everything to do with being more conscious about how they impact this and future generations. The push for a fully degradable water bottle was not to separate themselves from the rest of the competition, it was a decision by CEO Ryan Emmons to be a more responsible leader in this market.

Being the Best Bottled Water Company
If Waiakea Water was only developing their new fully degradable water bottle just to profit, the return would be short-lived after the hype died down. What makes Waiakea Water different is that CEO Ryan Emmons is hoping that the rest of the sellers in this space become more responsible and actually mimic their success. His hopes are that all the plastic bottle manufacturers copy his road map because it will only benefit those in need today, and future generations who will still have plenty of natural resources to enjoy. Waiakea Water has teamed with TimePlast, developing the very first additive that will enable plastic bottles to degrade 97% faster than traditional plastic bottles. The ecological benefits will be far-reaching for not only decades, but for many centuries.

The Plastic Bottle Dilemma
Part of the reason that Waiakea Water has developed the very first fully degradable water bottle is because of what is happening today with average water bottles. The plastic bottles being produced today will not degrade for a millennium, so every bottle that winds up in the ocean or the landfills will still be here in tens of generations from now. That is not responsible, and unless something is done today, the issue will get worse as the population continues to explode. Waiakea Water has been instrumental in helping those less fortunate around the globe, and by developing a plastic bottle that will degrade in only 15 years, the leap towards total sustainability for this award-winning water brand can be achieved. As more folks become more green-conscious, it should only drive more attention to the efforts of this plastic bottle manufacturer.

The Responsibility of a Leader
Once Waiakea Water climbed to the top of their market in less than five years, the company never stopped focusing on their efforts to help those in need. Waiakea Water uses a Hawaiian aquifer that naturally purifies millions of gallons of the freshest water on the planet, so they have plenty of water to go around. Even when Waiakea Water was just getting started, they would donate resources to local families who were in need. As the brand popularity grew, for every bottle of water the company sold, they would donate a weeks worth of clean water to communities around the globe in need. Partnering with PumpAid, Waiakea Water has been able to help communities to rely on their own resources to thrive.

The Future of Waiakea Water

On one hand, Waiakea Water is working on their new fully degradable waterWaiakea Water Understands that Innovation is Necessary not Just for the Success of the Company, but for the Planet bottle to help future generations to enjoy more of the natural resources of the planet, and on the other hand, they are working harder to ensure no one has to go without the most basic of all human needs, clean water. Shockingly, there are million of people dying each year from water-born illnesses, and everyday children are dying around the world because of these same illnesses. The team at Waiakea Water not only donates clean water to those in need, the company has employees that travel to these less fortunate areas and help install well-water pumps, then show the community leaders how to operate the devices and how to conserve the water they are able to acquire.

Hopes of the Leader in Bottled Water Today
Waiakea Water is working hard each year to lessen their own ecological footprint in the hopes other plastic bottle manufactures do the same. Although the bottles used at Waiakea Water are already made entirely out of post-recycled bottles, the push to make them fully degradable seemed like the next obvious progression. The new degradable water bottles will not be recognized on the supermarket store shelves, they will look like the water bottles already in use. This proves this is not a marketing ploy or effort to game the competition, the goal here is reducing the carbon footprint of the company by 65%. This new initiative should inspire mass adoption, especially given commercial advantage of fully degradable plastic.

The eventual hopes of the Waiakea Water family is that their efforts to better the world we all live will change the whole CPG industry worldwide. Waiakea Inc. was recently listed as one of the fastest growing companies in America, and all that notoriety could have exploded their bottom line without them doing anything but conducting business as usual. Waiakea Water now feels an obligation to give back through local and global efforts to ensure everyone has access to clean water and this company is not depleting the limited resources of the planet in those efforts.

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