Digital transformation refers to an ongoing pursuit of achieving the highest efficiency, innovation, highest scale level and profits using technology and data. There are three critical ways listed by Forbes of attaining this marketing transformation as follows;

Customers and audience can be easily multiplied using a customer touch point and save the data on a data management platform (DMP). Such platforms include the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. This device stores several amounts of information about the audience including their addresses, purchase status and marketing channels that they have used over a specific time frame. Customers can visit a companies’ page on Google and check the various articles on the websites. One may search for other items and fail to resume to the original article for a while but while on the site, one marks them using a Facebook tracking pixel. This information will be saved in ones DMP. This information may be used in future reference since it stored as data.

Digital transformations are made to change companies’ culture, long-standing strategies, tools, and processes. Challenges within an organization are the most significant setback in a company. Transforming the new technology is quite easy, but it can only be achievable if each one of them is committed to the change desired. Team building together with efficiency within an organization are some of the basic skills that a leader requires to run an institution successfully.” Think global’’ refers to the establishment of a global framework, which all teams within an institution depend on. ‘Execute local’ on the other hand refers to putting trust in the regional teams to apply in one’s marketing strategy in the local market. Finding the correct balance between scale, standardization and local relevant executions summarizes the term digital transformation.

This refers to how the processes within an organization link with each other for a smooth flow of operations. It will, however, require an institution to perform the following;
Market researchers are breaking down the possible markets in the region.

An awareness program started.
The introduction of a mixed-media creative team
Purchase of media materials is replacements if need be.
Public Awareness through live media beyond regions to reach wider audience raising the sales and creating customer satisfaction.

Such will create a workflow within an institution whereby every individual has his/her task to perform. It will, however, depend on the general interaction within an organization and customers and if positive, repeat business and profits will be achievable.

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