What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing involves promoting and advertising certain brands, products, or items over electronic media. It uses Internet-based services and forms such as websites, web applications, mobile apps, emails, and more to market something in real time.

One of the biggest advantages of digital marketing is that it can help advertisers learn what works and what doesn’t work on an instant basis. The companies won’t have to wait to see results of their digital marketing efforts; instead, they can adapt and change their campaign based on what customers are reacting to.

All the Details

Digital marketing is one of the most important components of the online world, giving people access to information at any point in time. It is a new frontier for the advertisement industry, and can help expose customers to ideas and brands they may have never otherwise heard of.

Anything that is marketed online counts as digital marketing. It is typically broken down into two major categories: assets and tactics. Assets are the things you want to market, and tactics help you market them effectively. Some popular online assets include:

• Websites
• eBooks
• Logos and fonts
• Custom tools
• Social media platforms
• Online coverages

Some examples of tactics that are used to promote these various assets include:

• Social media marketing – This involves using social media platforms to promote a certain brand or product.
• Content marketing – This is the practice of creating content that is meant, in itself, to advertise.
• Search engine optimization – Also known a SEO, this is the most popular and professional marketing tactic available to help increase the rank of a certain website when it appears in popular searches.
• Paid-per-click – Also known as PPC, this involves paying a publisher each time one of their users clicks on your ads, which you have paid them to include in their space.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

It is easy to understand the benefits of digital marketing when you understand the dynamic ways in which the Internet works. Everything is live and in real time, allowing you to gauge how successful your marketing tactics are.

The success of digital marketing can be measured by how much a digital marketing campaign increases:

• Website traffic
• Sales
• Downloads or purchase of a mobile app
• Lead generation

The Best Content for Digital Marketing

While all content can be advertised, there are certain key elements that can match the digital marketing formula even better. When trying to decide what kind of content to make, it is important to be aware of the goals and needs of your specific audience. Think of the online behaviors and characteristics of the person who you are trying to market to.

Think about native advertising as well. How close is someone to buying a product without the need for advertising? Certain products are sought after and heavily desired even if it weren’t for advertising efforts. Other products, however, may take more of a push. Keep these things in mind when thinking about creating a new digital marketing campaign for your website, service, brand, or product.

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