What SEO Professionals Wish Their Clients Knew

Dealing with clients with unrealistic expectations is usually a challenge for SEO and content marketing professionals. SEO professionals wish clients knew that:

SEO Takes Time to Show Results

Seeing the results from an SEO campaign can take six to eight months. Since clients have to pay good money upfront, they expect SEO professionals to work miracles and have Google index each new piece of content immediately. Clients who want faster results may decide to go with a firm that offers a quick jump in ranking, only to return once they are hit with a Google penalty.

You Can’t Leave Poor Content in Place

Clients who have already paid for crappy content will balk and your prices for rewriting content on the site’s pages. Editing poorly written content filled with awkward keywords is almost impossible to edit; it is faster to start from scratch. Alternately, you could find out that the client wrote the content, which is even worse.

They Can’t Expect You to Work Miracles

Run from clients that tell you they want a video sharing website that surpasses YouTube in the search results, but they are on a strict budget. Even if they could throw money at you for a year, it would take a miracle to unseat YouTube from the top spot in Google’s search results, especially since Google owns YouTube.

They Need to Take Responsibility for Certain Ranking Factors

If you’re trying to help a business rank high in local search results, they are plenty of things you can do to help your client, however, the client has some responsibility as well. A restaurant with all one and two-star reviews isn’t going to show up in the three-pack of local search results when four and five-star competitors exist in the same area.

If you are an SEO or content marketing professional, don’t take a job without reviewing the client’s existing website and learning their goals first.

Ref: https://tdsmarketers.com/paying-for-seo-services/

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