What the Future of Searching the Web Could Look Like

The number one path to a user’s content experience on the web is search engines. Consumers use search engines as the entrance to their shopping, directions and research needs. For the most part, the destination is the user’s experience, and search engines have done well in getting users to where they want to go.

In today’s digital marketing, the goal is to get users to their content quicker and earlier by circumventing search engines. Some of the technology available today offers a first look into what users could experience while searching the web in the future.

Human Speech Search
With simple answerers and quick data access, voice search on personal devices continues to rise. Users talk to their devices in the same way they would a customer service rep or clerk. However, in order for speech search to evolve, artificial intelligence and personalization will also need to progress. Until then, speech search will only deliver simple answers, and if users need any more information, they will have to return to their keyboards.

Digital Assistants
Amazon Alexa and Google Home are two of the well-known digital assistants that are take searching the web further. Digital assistants bypass displaying data from a traditional search and give users their information aloud. If digital assistants could evolve into giving users exactly what they need, search engines could become an antiquated technology.

As platform integration and artificial intelligence continue to advance, there could be a time when the technology delivers results on a totally personal level. Before too long, the technology could evolve to such a high degree that users could ask “What should I do at work today?”, and receive a custom, personal answer. The days of users searching Google for the most relevant results to their information queries could fall to the integration of all-in-one platforms and machine learning delivering exact information.


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