White Shark Media and a Review in PPC Ads

White Shark Media is an acknowledged digital marketing agency that helps small and medium-sized enterprises find online marketing solutions. The agency is leading and fast growing in North America. White Shark Media has even partnered with Google to help with the AdWords management. They help and support businesses that do not have the resources and time to manage their advertising campaigns. The agency offers expertise, customer service, and experience, giving business owners time to focus more on running their businesses.

The Agency was founded in the year 2011 by three vastly experienced Danish business men. These entrepreneurs had much expertise in both offline and online marketing. They combined a domestic and offshore presence and a packed bilingual employee base, a formula that helped them thrive. White Shark Media has helped hundreds and hundreds of companies in the entire America grow their enterprises. They let the businesses use their online marketing tricks and tools. They also try to track all their clients from time to time to see how their efforts are working.

Recently, Vertical Measures composed an article on PPC ads. Vertical Measures is yet another agency specialized in digital marketing and which helps business owners with digital marketing expertise. They help companies with advertising, content creation, content strategy, link building, content coaching, social media and so much more. The article was about eCommerce PPC practices to improve advertising ROI. The piece expressed and explained six of the best practices that business owners should opt to emulate and implement.

Due to the rampant growth of online shopping, advertising platforms have started to focus more on retail-related ads. Hence retail industries have also begun using online advertising to promote their online business. But they could also do better. For this reason, therefore, Vertical Measures created the article, offering tips on how the retailers can take their own PPC eCommerce campaigns on another level.

  1. Consider where to advertise. When it comes to PPC eCommerce ads, retailers have plenty of options for advertising, just as it is with display or search ads. The article recommended two major platforms, very popular and the fastest-growing: Amazon Advertising and Google Merchant Centre. According to the article, these two platforms are great options for retailers to host their products. Recently, a report from the Slice Intelligence found that in 2016, the Amazon platform accounted for 43% of all US online revenue while Amazon itself accounted for 53% of all online sales growth. This was a huge success for Amazon, and Google even recognized the accomplishment.
  2. Keep shopping feeds up to date. For this tip, the article focused on Google Merchant Center. The platform pulls data information for AdWords eCommerce campaigns with the help of shopping feeds. Therefore, when retailers merge this particular platform with Google AdWords, they will be in a position to advertise their items in AdWords in the form of shopping ads. The Product Listing Ads on AdWords will retrieve all of a retailer’s product information directly from shopping feed, and it is the same information that Google will, in the end, use to advertise their products.
  3. Set up proper eCommerce tracking. Many eCommerce companies tend to overlook this step yet it is very crucial. The article recommended the installation of Analytics eCommerce tracking to keep track of the earnings generated by a retailer’s PPC eCommerce campaigns. The tracking program helps the business owner see the amount of profit they are making, the specific products that are selling, as well as where the particular sales are coming from. In the article, Vertical Measures even went ahead to give a brief description of how the tracking program works.
  4. Optimize shopping ads. The article described five different ways to do this. The first way was diversifying the kinds of ads a retailer uses for eCommerce. The article suggested the use of Product Listing Ads and text ads to sell products. Whereas a text ad allows a vendor to highlight specific prices and features, Product Listing Ads will help them to compete with the growing online shopping industry. The second way was figuring out how to come up with shopping campaigns. As per the article, this way will highly depend on the items a retailer is actually selling. Then the third way was adding negative keywords. This will enable an online seller to avoid unnecessary search traffic, and they will also be able to bid higher. The next way was about creating Ad extensions, and the last one was the use of price extensions to figure out the competitive prices.
  5. Focus on quality content. In this age, there are many growing competitors, some of whom sell similar products. Therefore, just a simple product page might not be enough to sell products. To stay on top with the other big brands, online sellers need to create a marvelous and enticing page landing experience. Alongside product information and specifications, the page should also include photos, videos, and user reviews. These days, buyers are not just after the products, they also look to acquire a pleasant experience so they can go back for more and even make referrals.
  6. Stay competitive. With PPC eCommerce campaigns, it is crucial that online sellers keep track of what their competitors or other online vendors are doing. Failure to pay enough attention might cost a retailer revenue and more sales. For instance, a competitor might decide to take advantage of a seller’s sale by lowering prices on their products. Vertical Measures recommended the use of the Google Merchant Center connected with an AdWords account to look out for competitors and determine who is outperforming the rest and gaining more sales.

To sum up, the article gave bonus advice on re-marketing strategies. PPC eCommerce campaigns need equally good re-marketing campaigns. Most interested buyers will often start out as researchers; just window shopping the web for the range of products available and those that might interest them. Therefore, they will more than often go back to the site that enticed them the most. This means that retailers also need to stay at the top of their game when it comes to re-marketing campaigns and tracking codes.

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