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White Shark Media Review
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White Shark Media is a leading United States marketing agency working in digital media, aiding small to medium sized businesses find solutions for online marketing, particularly with their partner Google, using AdWords. With hundreds of clients all over the continent, the company was founded in 2011 by three Danish entrepreneurs, making the business truly international. They work with clients who lack the time to effectively manage their advertising, offering their substantial expertise and professionalism while their customers take their time back to more productively run their businesses. White Shark Media works digitally and has multilingual employees, enabling them to service customers across national borders, allowing clients to use their tricks and tools to enhance their product. As digital marketers, they provide advertising, content creation and strategy, social media, content coaching, and link building, among other services. White Shark Media always follows up when the work is done, to maintain relationships and ensure the clients continue to be satisfied with the work they’ve done. White Shark believes in and stands behind their service and quality.

White Shark Media has some solid words of advice for clients about pay per click (PPC) e-commerce advertising as well. Most importantly, choose wisely where you advertise your business. Consider medium to high traffic areas with similar customer bases to the target audience. When in the midst of an advertising campaign especially, keep social media feeds up to date, as it looks better to potential customers, runs more efficiently and is therefore more effective for money spent, keeps the customers interested and helps their navigation. Track ads to see which pick up the most notice, then alter the rest of the ads to the most successful ads’ criteria to get the most positive attention possible. The tracking you do should show you how much profit the advertising makes, which products are selling best, and where the sales originate from – both geographically as well as whether from a direct link, ad, affiliate, or other resource.

Today’s industry is competitive. An advertiser will need to be sure that they are providing quality content, something that will interest customers and keep them coming back. It may not be enough to just have the product listed, but also have photos and reviews set up as well. A business owner has to to stay aware of their competitors and not slack off in quality either; this will help keep the company afloat and in the public eye. Not only is a competitive disposition and informational company needed, but the ability to fully optimize use of shopping advertisements is needed as well. There are a few different techniques that can be used, as can be more intimately discussed with White Shark Media when they put together your company’s personalized plan, but each one may have different results and thrive with different sites.

Some of White Shark Media’s grateful clients have taken time to review the company and let them know just how appreciated they are. Richard, from a law office in Canada, says that he once spent thousands of dollars on click through rate campaigns by hand to get zero back from it, and now picks up $10,000 weekly, with that number growing. A REALTOR who has been with White Shark for more than two years says she has nearly doubled their numbers of leads every month and her representative at the company helps her exceed goals every month. One wedding planner commented that every previous company they’d worked with had been a waste of time and money. But not White Shark – not only has their work been effective, which the company had never experienced before – but the agency took time to explain and educate the client in ways that others never had.
You would think a software and technology company could handle digital media on their own, right? Maybe so, but just like other companies they have plenty of work to do, and when White Shark handles it just as effectively and for less cost, why bother internally? One company who has worked with Google AdWords and several other media agencies for more than a decade expressed satisfaction with White Shark and said their representative was the best they’d ever worked with. With 42 years in the business, they know effective advertising. On another niche in technology, a Florida based dating website client said White Shark has extremely effective communication and are always on top of strategies to keep the campaigns most productive, immediately updating to stay on top of newest developments. One tech support client also commented on the excellent Google AdWords campaigns in particular, saying that their attention to detail and openness to suggestions and optimization are beyond measure.

Retail businesses are just as impressed as service industries and technology firms. A scooter store in the United States commented that White Shark is truly professional with top-notch knowledge in AdWorks, excellent and effective communication, and budgets that meet every ability and need. In less than 90 days, they accomplished a seven to one return on investment and built their online brand presence. A Texas retailer says that White Shark helped them tap into the clients they need and work much more efficiently than previous companies have. This client was particularly impressed that their representative answers emails even on Saturdays and Sundays. A New Jersey jewelry store further comments that the team they’ve worked with for over a year stay on top of technology and the changing trends that really keep their advertising effective. You can’t beat this kind of service and the customers appreciate it!

White Shark Media has been in business for more than five years in an ever-changing and competitive industry. Now one of the industry heavyweights, they service clients all over the world and have an international flair and their finger on the pulse of technology and advertising. Effective marketing begins with an agency who knows how to distinguish themselves from the rest of the competitors, and White Shark stands alone in the field. They understand how to best set your business apart – they did it for themselves first but now they’ve done it for nearly one thousand unique and grateful businesses worldwide.

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