Why Russia’s Facebook Advertising Scandal is Good for Digital Advertisers

When Facebook officially made an announcement to Congress that Russian-linked ads reached over one hundred million Americans during the 2016 election, it sparked concern throughout the country. While this isn’t necessarily great news, there is a silver lining that can be taken away for marketers that are trying to make the most from their budget.

Effectively Advertising on Facebook is Cheap.

Crafting and discovering a successful digital marketing campaign can be difficult. It takes a careful understanding of potential customers as well as a firm understanding of the current state of the market. In competitive industries, most of the major advertising platforms are saturated leading to high competition and expensive budgets. On the other hand, Facebook is extremely cheap even as advertising prices soar everywhere else.

Facebook Allows Marketers to Target Anything

Thankfully, Facebook is different than the one size fits all approach. Facebook advertising is cheap, and it allows marketers to target potential customers who are engaged. Anyone can market to people based on income, age, hobbies, gender, favorite music, favorite movies, location, and even relationship status. Whether a marketer is looking for fans of actresses that like makeup tutorials, fans of musicians that play the guitar, people that love the latest updates in tech, or people who are incredibly driven to be successful, advertising on Facebook lets marketers genuinely connect with customers.

Fine Tuning Campaigns on Facebook is Easy

Another way advertisers can make the most of an advertising budget comes through the ability to pay for conversions rather than traffic. This means that Facebook allows anyone to pay money every time a marketing campaign starts a trial or subscribes on the internet. This has led to an economic boom in digital advertising. Having the ability to cost-effectively learn how to generate an email list or spark first-time customers is essential to successful marketing.

Launching Multiple Campaigns on Facebook are Easy

Managing multiple campaigns on Facebook is easy, and it’s a perfect for split testing. Marketers who aren’t sure whether they should offer a free trial, a monthly subscription, or a one-time product will love how easy it is to manage split testing on Facebook. Running separate campaigns allows marketers to see how well demographics respond to specific offers and advertisements so they can get a better feel for what to offer every potential customer.

For example, it may be profitable to ask for thousands of dollars for coaching if someone is only thirty thousand dollars in wages every year. On the other hand, offering a wealthy individual a seven dollar product for an opportunity to make one thousand dollars after the first month of making crafts may equally miss the mark.

Having the ability to cheaply target a specific style of person allows marketers to generate successful campaigns online. Having a politically charged scandal isn’t always the greatest situation, but it should serve as a wake-up call for advertisers that don’t take advantage of marketing on Facebook. It’s an excellent place to test out potential campaigns, and it’s a great way to scale marketing campaigns that are already successful.

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