Why You Shouldn’t Try to Please Everyone With Your Content Marketing

There’s a general tendency among anyone who puts out content to try to please as many people as possible with each publication. As it turns out, though, that may not be the best approach since niche content has been shown to be more effective at garnering a dedicated audience and being seen as a thought leader in the field.

You can still use a more general content marketing strategy to trawl for new users coming at your website from major search engines, but you should also dedicated part of your content marketing strategy towards niche content delivery. The idea is to have both niche content and less specialized material sitting alongside one another in your content marketing campaign.

Another way to think about this is having specialized content for already committed and knowledgeable customers and another batch of more general content for the broader public. Chances are that the passion you have for the industry – whether that’s audio engineering or an invention that you’ve pioneered – will come out more clearly when you’re writing about the nuts-and-bolts aspects of what you do. It’s inside-baseball talk to insiders, in essence, that will keep your dedicated followers coming back for more.

When you’re speaking about a more niche topic you can cut straight to the chase without having to provide extensive background for a larger, perhaps less knowledgeable, group of website goers. Another advantage of writing and delivering niche content in your overarching content marketing strategy is that you don’t have to “dumb down” or refrain from using industry jargon, if that’s what the explanation calls for.

Writing for a particular niche endears you to fellow insiders. You can even have a creative agency that specializes in content marketing write and spread niche content on your behalf. Today social media managers can also help you to answer questions on major social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

There are really no limits when it comes to niche content. You can let your passion shine through as brightly as you want and you can speak directly to your core customers. You can include more technical whitepapers as well as expert reviews of your products.

Delivering all of this niche material in your email marketing campaign is another potent way to bolster your results without alienating casual visitors or new email marketing campaign subscribers who just want a quick lowdown on your company.

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